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    Hi guys:

    I purchased an Odroid HC-1 a couple of months ago and am finally trying to get it set up. I must warn you I am a complete Linux noob and know very little about the opperating system. So, treat me gently. I have also searched this and a dozen other forums and infomation on this little beast seems scarcer than hens teeth.

    I have a 16GB SD card, which I formatted and loaded the latest OMV build for the HC-1, OMV_3_0_92_Odroidxu4_4.9.61.img.xz using Etcher.

    All seems to have went well, but using Angry IP scanner I cannot see the HC-1 on my network. I have reburned the image a couple of times, but still no success. I have also rebooted the HC-1 by unplugging the power for several minutes with no effect. I waited more than the recommended 15 minutes for the image to load on the HC-1 before trying a scan.

    I have the HC-1 plugged into my network vi a 1GB switch. Neither my router or Angry IP see the device.

    Any suggestions?
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    My logic - I want as little stress as possible on my media drive, and downloading can be handled by a Download drive (I set up a separate partition on OMV boot drive). So my question is, is it best practice to have a separate drive to handle the downloading like I have set up? Then have Sab move it to a unzipping folder that is on my media drive then allow radarr/sonarr to do the rest?

    What are the best practices or am I overthinking it? Do y'all simply have your media HD do the downloading etc?
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    I have OMV installed as VM on ESXI. The VM has system Disk and Data disk. Data Disk was granted 100 Gb. Now i want to expand it to 200 Gb. I have turned off OMV VM, extended disk in VMware console. Now in Physical Disks menu i can see that disk is 200 Gb, But in File Systems it is still 100 Gb. What is the correct way to extend this partition?


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