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    Hey everyone,

    i tried installing Letsencrypt with Nextcloud with this Video:

    Everything went fine but i'm not able to connect to Nextcloud in any way. Even trying to revert the steps didnt help.
    I dont use duckdns, i registered my own domain at and tried to register the subdomain nextcloud.*.de there, but it doesnt seem to work.
    Do i have to change the subdomain (A-Record) to another Ip eg. XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:444 (Nextcloud port)?

    Thanks for your help! ?(
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    Hi guys all new to me OMV, I have some knowledge but can't say I the best.
    I hoping I can add and IP camer it is and digoo eye camer. didn't cost to much have it working on there digoo eye app on my phone.

    Was hoping that if I setup and OMV on an a raspberry IP with Radarr, SABnzbd, Sonarr and Some how with the digoo eye to record to the same hard drive and keep it there for one week then delete after that week has pasted.

    OMV looks like it can do lots of things, I support Open source and love it some much, I also use openhab and XBMC.

    Thanks Guys
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    is it possible that there are no updates for 3.0.99 at the moment?

    via the web gui, the update management stays empty.
    apperently i do have internet connection since via putty pings to urls work.

    apt-get via shell just returns: nothing installed, removed, changed?

    i.e. i did search forum and thus tried the things via shell ... however, now I have no idea anymore.


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