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    Hallo an alle. Ich benötige eure hilfe. Habe mir den Homeserver aufgesetzt, und jetzt möchte ich DynDNS einrichten. Ich bekomme es nicht hin . Kann mir irgendwer helfen bitte? Ich verzweifle schon daran.

    Hello everyone. I need your help. I have the Homeserver set up, and now I want to set up DynDNS. I can not do it . Can anyone help me please? I'm already desperate.

    Greatz/ Gruß

    Stephan aka Inplexx
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    I cannot access my share outside my home network i have forwarded all the correct ports configured ftp settings in OMV correct but when a client outside the network tried to connect i get unroutable as it is returning its local ip address rather than its external ip address. I have searched many forms but still dont have an answer can anyone please help me before i give up. thanks in anticipation
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    Hi folks,
    I have successfully managed to install OMV 3.0.89 on a WD MyCloud Gen2 6TB NAS device. It all went smoothly, however, I am running into problems when creating shares. That's what I do:

    - Click "Shared Folders" in the menu
    - Click "Add"
    - Try to select a device by clicking the little down arrow in the Device field

    => Nothing happens. I cannot select a device on which a shared folder could be generated. The Device field still says "Select a device..."

    My idea was to check the available devices in File Systems. Two partitions are listed:

    /dev/sda3,,ext4,2.68GiB,1.36GiB,1.1 GiB, Yes,Yes, Online

    Further, I tried unmounting the sda2 partition via GUI. When clicking the Unmount button, I get this error message:
    The XPath query '//system/fstab/mntent[((((((fsname='/dev/sda2' or fsname='/dev/disk/by-id/ata-WDC_WD60EFRX-68L0BN1_WD-WX21DB63A9N5-part2') or fsname='/dev/disk/by-id/wwn-0x50014ee263b21e16-part2')

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    Solved: - Partition Type needs to be 15 (Linux Filesystem) - Partition must NOT be mounted in /etc/fstab but rather in the GUI.
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