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Problem with CPU under-clocking in Odroid HC1



SATA card



No HDD performance shown in "System Information"



Pinned Backup a live system



Unexpected size change at file error message from SnapRaid Sync



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  • tkaiser -

    Replied to the thread OMV 4.x Problem with CPU under-clocking in Odroid HC1.

    Quote from JohnStiles: “But looking at the url you gave me, I'm not the first and no one seems to care ” As already said: Quantity vs. quality. BTW: there's more than just lower CPU clockspeeds. Cloudshell 2 users when updating will loose the TFT…
  • chclark -

    Replied to the thread SATA card.

    Quote from flmaxey: “Well, I got the perc H200 and it worked out of the box as a RAID controller. I attempted to flash it with IT firmware. It didn't work. (Of course it erased as it should. :) ) I suppose I need to get real dos (versus free DOS) on…
  • gderf -

    Replied to the thread OMV 4.x No HDD performance shown in "System Information".

    Confirmed broken when on kernel 4.19.12-1~bpo9+1 (2018-12-30) x86_64 GNU/Linux
  • bvrulez -

    Replied to the thread Backup a live system.

    That's good news! I was just wondering how your plugin would be able to save a running system completely. Even clonedisk is not able to do this. But if so, I will give it a try and post here. Currently, I have my SSD connected via USB. How can I restore…
  • flvinny521 -

    Replied to the thread Unexpected size change at file error message from SnapRaid Sync.

    You have to either exclude those particular files from being backed up or stop the files from changing during the SnapRAID sync process (shut down those processes until the sync is done, then start them again).
  • flvinny521 -

    Liked raulfg3’s post in the thread Resolved OMV 4.x Why should you use or not use dockers.

    Like (Post)
    Quote from flvinny521: “Quote from raulfg3: “you can add to list svenihoney/wetty as replacement of shellinabox = docker = works better than shellinabox ” I've been wondering how those two compare. What is better…
  • KM0201 -

    Replied to the thread new version of docker plugin to test.

    I haven't got really into the weeds (gotta get ready for work).. but I just installed it on a clean install in Vbox and just did a quick install of Deluge, and it seems to be fine.
  • ryecoaaron -

    Replied to the thread Backup a live system.

    Quote from bvrulez: “This thread is very long and while I read some of the beginning and some of the end I still have a simple question: - I did a backup of my system via GUI and the option dd to my RAID array. - My system currently is on a usb stick…
  • geaves -

    Replied to the thread OMV 4.x low start because of the network?.

    Quote from Darknesse: “To add information, the omv server starts well, but it takes just more time than normal to start it. ” It just might be the dual nic's, but that really shouldn't be a problem, but to test if it's possible to disable one it…
  • cabrio_leo -

    Replied to the thread OMV 4.x How to get deleted files in SMB/CIFS.

    Hi, I discovered the same behavior with SMB/CIFS, already in OMV 3. There are several threads here in this forum regarding this. If it works correctly you should find a folder ".recycle" in the root folder of your share. I am currently using…