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    I have been struggling with the installation of SickRage and Radarr on the same machine and how to implement Transmission to manage trackers on the same OMV system. I now have a solution and wrote an entire blog-entry surrounding these issues and how to overcome them.

    Basically in a nutshell, if you run transmission on the same environment as SickRage and Radarr, you will get into the situation where a movie gets logged as a TV episode and vise-versa.

    To overcome this, I run two instances of Transmission on the same OMV machine, separating the watch, download, incomplete and complete folders. The drawback is that there will be two instances of Transmission running, but with today's technology should not be a problem.

    You can read more here:…ansmission-two-instances/

    kind regards and I hope the blog assists anyone struggling with the concept of running 2 transmission instances...
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    Hi! i dont know if this is the right thread for this.: i am really new to omv and proxmox and have a question: evrytime i tried to install omv in an lxc in proxmox i cant start it an / when i try to start it i get

    root@deb-9:~# omv-initsystem
    run-parts: /usr/share/openmediavault/initsystem/60rootfs exited with return code 2

    is it even possible to install omv4 in an lxc?

    PS.: sorry for my english grammer gore
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    Hello everyone, I have been using OMV for quite some time, my configuration is quite simple, a HDD for the 250gb system and two 1TB HDD in raid 1 for data.The problem is the HDD of the previous system, failure, many sectors were broken and I had to change that disk and reinstall the OMV system, the raid I mounted and it is accessible, but as I can share my data again that raid-1? if I look in / srv / my data is, but I can not share my folders already created ...any ideas?thank you very much!!
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    Hello there,

    I just started playing a bit with OMV on my Raspberry Pi. Everything works very well, I only wonder how to setup my OpenVPN plug-in to connect with PIA. I've been using a script for my other Linux distros which works very well, but how do I use the plug-in for this? Or should I stick with the script?

    What is the best way to do this?

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