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    I use a rotating system of 3 external drives for backups. With the upgrade from OMV3->OMV4 I migrated my data to a encrypted (LUKS), redundant ZFS-pool. I do snapshots daily, scrubs monthly, backups weekly, one of the backup diks is always out of my house to have separation.

    For backups I use the USB backup plugin. I thought about encrypting my backups as well to have theft security. Setting up a encrpted device prevents me from selecting it as backup target within USB backup plugin. Is there a solution to use encryption with the plugin?

    Want to unlock my backup drives within GUI through password, after that the rsync job of backup plugin should start.
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    I am working on making my server be automated without needing much attention and I am trying to get the S.M.A.R.T notification to work but I am having issues.

    Attached is my configuration of the notification config, I followed OMV's official guide using the Google SMTP server. (obviously I've added my information in where the generic information is shown)

    Attached are the issues I am seeing in the syslog.

    Any suggestions/ides would be greatly appreciated.
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    Hi evryone,
    Installed OMV and set up Raid mirror on 3 500gb drives which seems to work well.
    set up a group and put 7 users in(Mum,Dad and 5 children.
    I have 3 folders set up (Business, Personal and Homework)
    now, under the homework folder i've put my five children but i can't seem to work out how to only let them have access to their own folder.
    they all have access to each others and the shared folder permissions section only have the three root folders and not the sub folders.
    is it possible to solve this please?
    many Thanks
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    I have been trying to install OMV4 for a couple of days and it has been impossible for me. Let me tell you:

    My nas has an intel d525mw board. I have installed OMV4 in a sd card. The installation is correct, but once I connect the 4 hard drives that I have (2 to the native SATA ports of the board and 2 to a PCI card), after going through the screen of the grub, the pc remains dead and does nothing, just black screen.

    I've tried with several SATA cables, with another power supply, changing the order of the disks ... and there's no way. With 3 connected disks, it boots perfectly. If I connect the 4, it does not start. I've gone mad.

    In the end, I tried again to install OMV3,in case it was a problem to install it on the sd card (I previously had installed it in another HD), and that was not the reason, since everything works perfectly.

    Do you know where the problem may come from? I'm disappointing not to be able to use OMV4 and have to stay in 3.

    It's not a problem with the SATA…

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