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    I have a RAID5 (5 disks) configured using the OMV GUI. I am running OMV 4.1.4-1.
    Whilst working on the machine while shut down I accidentally unclipped one of the drives (SATA cable). I started the machine up and noticed that the RAID was not detected, and the file system on the RAID was listed as missing.

    I found this post on the forum:
    RAID Array missing after failed drive. Trying to rebuild
    The above thread from post 10 pretty much describes my symptoms (except I have 5 disks) and I am (relatively) sure that the commands posted by ryecoaaron in post 11 will solve my problem. The question is, why does the RAID not start, but in a degraded mode, automatically, and the file system mounted? I could then add another disk, rebuild, and move on. Is there a way to tell OMV to start degraded RAIDs (so that they can be rebuilt)? Isn't that the purpose of RAID5 (to be fault tolerant if one disk is missing)?
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    Hi I'm debating on what to do with my OMV setup.
    I made a Raid5array with 6 8tb drive.
    It took forever to grow in the 6th drive.

    So in was wondering if I just use union file system only. And if that pool got broken are the files easily readable like snap raid?
    I have lots of media but really only family pictures is all I really backup. The other stuff is replacable.

    So union and pool the 6 drives?
    Or snap raid and pool 5 drives and 1 parity drive?And if using snap raid is the time to add a disk faster than the raid 5 array?
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    seit einigen Tagen habe ich extreme Probleme mit OMV.
    Ich habe manchmal keine Netzwerkverbindung und ich weiß nicht ob es Hardwareseitig ist oder an OMV liegt.

    Am Kabel leigt es nicht, dass habe ich mit so einem Kabeltester getestet.

    Würde mir jemand bei der Fehleranalyse helfen?

    since a few days i have extremly problems with OMV.
    Sometimes i have no networkconnection and i dont know if its OMV or the hardware that fails.

    The Cable is Ok.

    I hope u can help me to find the error.

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