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    I have tried to install your youtube video instructions Openmediavault NAS software but I have a problem. When I put the apt-get upgrade command, that command does not do what it would have to do, and I'm not asked yes / no. Nor does the window open to you in the terminal. You see my problem in the picture. I really don't know what to do. Thanks for help!

    My Raspberry Pi model is: Raspberry Pi 3 B+

    Problem image link:
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    Hi everyone!
    I was wandering if I'm the only one that is thinking to install boinc on my home server since al 99% of the time is in idle.
    I already have it on my computer desktop, and I think that it would be cool to have it on the other computer too.
    Of course I won't give it too much CPU (20%/30%, not more), but it still something!
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    TechnoDadLife wrote:

    Today, we install Bitwarden, a password manager, on our Openmediavault server.

    After making this video, I did see that you can create a free account on the Bitwarden website to use the mobile apps.
    Thanks again for your video! As always I love them!
    Just a question: why you suggest to install the rust fork instead of the original bitwarden? Is the installation and configuration of the original bitwarden the same?
    If not, can you make a video with the original bitwarden too? I just feel safer to use the original bitwarden :(

    For reference: those are the original container's:

    P.S. I saw that you did the same thing with netdata too. Why you choose the titpetric container and not the netdata?
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    The Docker plugin is a great addon... good job OMV Team!

    Could you tell me if the Docker version from OMV plugin, is a default full version of Docker for Debian, for which the plugin offer a nice GUI to manage containers or other Docker settings?

    I'd like to enjoy of the images/containers created by OMV community, but I'd like to be able to add other images too, to be able to run NetxCould for example.

    In this way, is it better to install Docker directly to Debian, or use the OMV plugin way?

    Do we have to install NGNIX to run Docker OMV plugin?
    Instead NGNIX, could we use Traefik ?


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