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    Hi. i have a netbook which im trying to install omv on. first i formatted the internal hard disk to 2 partitions. 1 for the OS (8gb) and the rest for data (923 gigs) i did this using gparted
    it installed fine and all and booted into omv. while setting it up, i noticed that it didnt respect my choices and just formatted the drive and installed omv on it. as a result of that, i cant use the drive for shared folders.
    so i nuked the thing and decided to install OMV on a 4 gig usb stick. it went fine but after installing it just shows those errors. at the end it says ALERT ! /dev/sdc1 does not exist. dropping to a shell and then it goes to a thing called busy box . i noticed that there is a thread already about this but that was for people who had raid. i do not have raid.
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    Hey all,

    I am trying to figure out an issue with my installation. I did a standard install, and have plex installed (Omv-extras) an a few dockers (couchpotato etc) All the ports are forwarded, I even opened the sever to DMZ to try to figure it out. I have a duckdns ddns service but have even tried typing in my IP address (whatsmyip). Nothing is getting through to the OMV server. I can access fine from inside the network. I have an old plex server on the same network (what this server is supposed to be replacing). Everything worked fine on the old server (ubuntu). remap the port forwarding, restart the router....and nothing. Times out from outside the network.

    Any ideas?
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    Good evening,

    i installed OMV 4 today. Version 4.1.22-1 (Arrakis). The problem is i cant reach the SMB share from some clients/servers in a specific domain. My 2nd OMV 3.0.85 is working.
    Lets call the domains: domain1 und domain2. The OMV NAS arent in any domain.

    OMV (Version 4): no domain. Domainname: local SMB: WORKGROUP
    OMV (Version 3): no domain. Domainname: local SMB: WORKGROUP

    Clients in domain1 or no domain can reach the SMB shares and authenticate on both OMVs.
    Clients in domain2 can reach the SMB share and authenticate on OMV SMB (Version3).
    Clients in domain2 cant reach the SMB share and cant authenticate on OMV SMB (Version4). Login with the account in WebGUI works fine. (The logint promt shows up but username/password is always wrong.. it isnt..)

    I have no idea where to start with troubleshooting.

    Thanks a lot.

    I tested Windows 10, Server 2016 and Server 2008R2. Restarted the SMB service.
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    Apologies if this is obvious, but I'm not that experienced with Linux/Unix and a search ( which has resolved other stumbling blocks on my journey ) hasn't helped with this issue.

    The machine has a 4GiB SSD for OMV and a 2Tb drive for data. This machine is intended for backup only and everything else seems to work fine including RSync from the main OMV NAS. I appreciate that the 4GiB SSD is right at the minimum h/w requirement.

    Anyway, looking at Storage/Disks, the 4GiB SSD is reported as a 4GiB flash drive with 3.81GiB capacity. This is the same in Storage/S.M.A.R.T. That's as expected.

    However, in Storage/File Systems the disk ( ext4 ) is reported as 2.12GiB and currently only has 7.73MiB available!

    What happened to the other space? I seem to be missing around 1.5GiB.


    OMV : 4.1.21-1
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    Hi guys,

    I'm planning to install OMV on a Zotac ZBox MAG HD-ND01. This should be fairly simple, I assume. I was wondering if I could also do video playback directly from the ZBox as well? Does OMV have a built in video playback app or can I install something that would (if possible), give me a nice GUI like Kodi?

    I'm open for any idea and feedback. Thanks a lot!

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