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Mounting Optical Drive with OMV



My first NAS using OMV on Raspberry Pi


UrBackup Plugin not installing in version 3.0.89



Can't reach WebGUI after update 3.x. SSH is working



SMART reports bad sector


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  • donh -

    Replied to the thread OMV 3.x Mounting Optical Drive with OMV.

    I used to do this on version 2.x. Unfortunately I don't remember what I did. I did file a bug about it and I guess it is probably still possible. I don't have hardware to test it on anymore.
  • Jaime -

    Replied to the thread OMV 3.x UrBackup Plugin not installing in version 3.0.89.

    That's interesting. Well, I can assure you that I have not knowingly installed anything myself, specially outside of omv. Now you do have me wondering what on earth could have caused that. I haven even used my nas until last night after I made all those…
  • sieben -

    Liked tkaiser’s post in the thread OMV 3 for ODROID-XU4/HC1/HC2/MC1.

    Like (Post)
    Quote from mrperfektone: “"This tool must run from SD card!" - Why? ” Explained above. The included tool is buggy and needs to be replaced manually at the moment (an update will fix this in the future). Source Code (2 lines)Since I'm fighting with…
  • Wolf2000 -

    Replied to the thread OMV 3.x Can't reach WebGUI after update 3.x. SSH is working.

    Yes this can work if you have not made apt-get purge before.
  • mcgyver83 -

    Posted the thread OMV 3.x SMART reports bad sector.

    Hi, I discovered that smart reports bad sector for my usb3.0 hard drive (I'm using OMV with a raspberry pi2). Below the smar information page. I should be worried or is something usual in usb hard drive with a couple of years of usage?
  • Wolf2000 -

    Replied to the thread OMV 3.x Web Gui fehlerhaft nach Deinstallation Plugin (OPEN-VPN).

    Hi versuch es mit apt-get autoremove hast du schon ein reboot gemacht? Hast du es mit apt-get purge probiert?
  • Wolf2000 -

    Replied to the thread OMV 3.x hi cpu temperature.

    By using heat sinks one can lower the temperature, the housing should not be too closed, depending on the craft skill one can drill additional holes. htop is the command if it is not installed then: apt install htop
  • dexter2478 -

    Replied to the thread OMV 3.x Fresh install OMV 3 with Home Assistant?.

    hello, sorry my English first. However, I installed it a few hours ago and I followed this guide: though I think it's best to create the user and the group from the GUI and not from the command line. Wait…
  • petrus -

    Posted the thread OMV 3.x Update RPi v2 current 3.0.88 doesn't see 3.0.89.

    Hey! I saw on the OMV blog the news about 3.0.89 release on 9 Oct. 2017. But sadly, after waiting, today there's nothing on my OMV update menu. RPi v2. Source Code (2 lines) Tried : omv-apt-clean apt-get update ; apt-get upgrade ; apt-get…
  • tkaiser -

    Replied to the thread OMV 3.x OMV not detecting hard disk ODROID HC1.

    Quote from votdev: “omv-sysinfo ” Unfortunately there's nothing included that could help. @The Machine most probably suffers from undervoltage (this ARM board here wants to be fed with 5V which is not a great idea since some HDD brands stop working when…