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    i`ve set up a rsync pull job to backup my webhost to my OMV box (4.1.14). It uses rsync over ssh, options are set as in the screenshot:

    Every time the jobs runs the owner & group settings are overwritten on the destination with the values from the webhost. These users and groups does not exist on my OMV box.

    Is this behaviour by design or did i miss a setting?
    I used to manually run rsync on my linux machines and the owner & group setings where not overwritten from the source.
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    I followed the unofficial guide to get my new OMV box setup on 4.x. I got the drive setup, did the remote mount to the share on my Synology and did an rsync of the data over. Nowe I am mapping the share from the OMV box in Windows. It maps it and I can read it, but I cannot write to it and am told I do not have the right permissions. In the unofficial guide, I set the Shared Folder permissions to Everyone Read/Write, and the SMB share has the Public option set to Guest Allowed...

    If I log into the share with WinSCP as root, I have no problems with write access. Any ideas? I did at one point create a new user in OMV webgui and gave it write access to the Shared Folder, and when I connect to it in Windows I can use that login info, but still get the error when I try to write to the drive.

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    Quote from mipi: “After deinstalling OMV-Extras ” Why did you do that? The only thing you need to do is check to ensure all your plugins have been ported to OMV4, if you find any that haven't then uninstall them. Then do apt-get update then run
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    Thanks, the Video has helped. My entry at Network was wrong. I selected Bridge but Host was the correct one. Now it is working.