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Plex Plugin or Docker CE Plex


urbackup update is available



Can't delete aquota.user and



Upgrading Hard Disks



Cannot install USB plugin to create a backup



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  • seed -

    Posted the thread OMV 4.x Plex Plugin or Docker CE Plex.

    Which path should I go? I want to utilize Plex in its most natural form. Free of any constraints, to utilize all the CPU and RAM I need to give it and access a large volume for content. Is the plugin good for this? Docker better? Thoughts? Experiences?
  • takiyon -

    Replied to the thread OMV 4.x urbackup update is available.

    Please share how you updated. The latest version is 2.2.11 and I am hoping to consolidate my separate backup server to my ESXI machine. I may choose a straight debian install with urbackup due to the omv plugin not being updated very frequently. Quote…
  • sigmatec -

    Replied to the thread OMV 4.x Resolved Can't delete aquota.user and

    Quote from subzero79: “Don’t try and change from the root of the drive. Use the folders below one by one. Another alternative is to disable and stop the quota service to make changes to those files. ” I was having trouble with Transmisson…
  • majorpayne -

    Replied to the thread OMV 3.x Upgrading Hard Disks.

  • Markess -

    Liked TheLostSwede’s post in the thread Selecting Hardware for "New" NAS.

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    Even second hand, the R630 seems to be going for around $2,000-3,000, so you'd be mad not to take it and put it up on eBay if nothing else. The Supermicro would most likely be the easiest one to work with, as you'll be able to easily replace things like…
  • alocam -

    Replied to the thread Cannot install USB plugin to create a backup.

    Thanks a lot for your help! I deleted the line you proposed, but all of the sudden, I can no longer gain access to GUI, it always shows 403 forbidden.... I am wondering whether it is possible to run a fresh install and keep the RAID discs with all…
  • jasonmcroy -

    Replied to the thread OMV 4 Reinstall issue with one HDD.

    I earlier today installed Ubuntu on the PC I had running OMV thinking I could just use that for a bit. However, it wouldn't read that same hard drive anymore either! Something about the guid table or something. So, I finally just bit the bullet and…
  • majorpayne -

    Posted the thread OMV 3.x Upgrading Hard Disks.

    Hey all, I'm currently purchasing 8 TB RED drives to replace the current 2tb,3,tb,4tb drives. I'm currently running Raid 5. What i want to know how do I replace the drives and still keep my data....
  • seed -

    Posted the thread OMV 4.x BUG - Trying to mount 2 USB Volumes rResults in Retrying 1 Mount.

    I am trying to mount 2 USB volumes. The first works fine, sdj1 gets mounted. When I try and mount the second one, sdk1 it fails stating that sdj1 is already mounted.
  • ellnic -

    Replied to the thread OMV 3.x Omv filesystem ?.

    If you’re writing an image to an SD card, there’s no need to format it first. It will be written in whatever format the image is. Utilities like Etcher probably use dd. Using dd for the purpose of writing an image to an SD card will write the SD…