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ZFS Plugin Install Failure on Fresh OS Install


pcie video card



Slight difficulty understanding virtual login



update omv3 to omv4



Virtualbox on omv4



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  • Markess -

    Replied to the thread pcie video card.

    The 990fx chipset has no integrated graphics, so selecting that isn't an optionhere. What motherboard are you using? Is there a BIOS setting anywhere telling it to ignore errors on boot? Sometimes this is listed as "Halt on error" or similar, and…
  • goatmax -

    Liked flmaxey’s post in the thread pcie video card.

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    There are two types of Mobo's - those with integrated video output and those without a video output. Those without a video output generally (not always) need a video card just to boot. This is idle speculation but, something about installing the ssd…
  • goatmax -

    Replied to the thread pcie video card.

    Thanks for the reply, the weird thing is I was already running omv4 ( upgraded from a way earlier version) on an ssd before with no probs and the board was a headless crypto mining machine in a previous life with no worries there either! Anyway did some…
  • Kai -

    Replied to the thread Slight difficulty understanding virtual login.

    Quote from macom: “Quote from Kai: “It ran through its paces and finally ended up stopping at the [login] dos prompt. ” What you see is the CLI. You need to enter "root" as user and the password you created when you set up the installation.Admin is…
  • ryecoaaron -

    Replied to the thread OMV 3.x Upgrade 3.x -> 4.x update omv3 to omv4.

    Remove the hwraid repo from /etc/apt/sources.list.d/omv-extras-org.list. It doesn't exist in OMV 4.x.
  • caseyj -

    Replied to the thread OMV 4.x Virtualbox on omv4.

  • caseyj -

    Liked kekec888’s post in the thread OMV 4.x Virtualbox on omv4.

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    @Huberer hmm mine stays the same, but you are right with file vboxdrv, but that doesnt seems to affect or give any errors in log... Try this for autoboot: I made a workaround solution - i created a script in /etc/init.d/startvm startvm file…
  • tkaiser -

    Replied to the thread OMV 4.x RAID Creation Fails Every Time With Failed to Execute Command On New Installation.

    Quote from geaves: “Then if a user came up with a problem on a Pi, because this is not going to go away, they can be pointed to ” That's nice for those people having fun spending their time on the forum and answering the same questions again and…
  • tkaiser -

    Replied to the thread OMV 3.x Plugins don't install (Odroid C1+ Erasmus 3.0.99.

    Quote from hanscie: “Network/firewall problem detected ” Your box has no Internet access and the installation contains some quite old tools. So it seems you never updated Debian/OMV and I would assume that's related to the problems you face. The…
  • pierre2000 -

    Replied to the thread OMV 4.x Resolved Upgrade 3.x -> 4.x upgrade 3->4, Failed to start The PHP 7.0.

    fixed it: Quote: “Problem after Upgrade