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    Ok, I am one step on dropping this program in the "its shit" bin.

    I have several shared folders and despite my ultra best efforts in setting user permissions the software will NOT let me save/alter files in a folder share unless I go into the ACL of a shared folder and toggle recursive permission. The problem is this is only temporary as within several hours I lose all write permissions and have to go in and do it again. I have to do this to any and every shared folder I want to write data too. Coming back the next day requires me to log back into the web console and toggle recursive permission all over again. This is NOT between reboots.

    I upload via ftp under a created username (only have one) and at this point in attempt to figure out why write permissions are dropping I have elevated the permissions of the account to damn near root status. Ideas anyone?
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    I have a serious problem with an external USB Disk, I hope I can fix it with your help:

    Until yesterday, I had an EXT4 formatted USB Harddrive attached to my Fritzbox for all kind of Data. Suddenly, various files vanished or had a size of 0 Byte.
    I thought it had something to do with the Fritzbox, so I attached the USB Drive to my omvault device, but had the same issues.
    I than run a "fsck.ext4 -f /dec/sda1" command on the drive. It found some problems and asked me if I want to repair them. (As I did)

    But now I can´t see anything in the shared folder, but If I take a look into "File Systems" in the GUI, I can still see that there is an EXT4 filesystem present and the available size is 82 gib from 1,79 tib, so hopefully there is still data on the drive?

    Can you give me some hints for accessing the data?

    Thanks a lot,
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    I had been on OMV 3.99 for months without issues and was perfectly content with the system so saw no reason to risk losing everything in an update to 4.0. Last week I noticed my plex page keeps telling me there is a new update, but it never showed up in the update management section of the webgui. I AM a plexpass member with beta if that makes much of a difference. Thinking that maybe the plex plugin was no longer being supported on 3.x I went ahead and updated to 4.1, but still no plex update is available. Everything seems to be running fine in the meantime, I just need to try and find out why my VPN stopped working months ago....

    In the meantime, is there some reason the newest Plex updates aren't available? Typically the plugin updated the same day I'd see the notification on my homepage...


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    I just installed the most recent version on OMV onto my server after performing a hascheck and after rebooting I see the this error. Any ideas?

    Attempting Boot From USB DriveKey (C:)
    Error: attempt to read or write outside of disk 'hd0' .
    Entering rescue mode . . .
    grub rescue>

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    Quote from JeffMD: “As for ACL, how can you NOT use ACL? You would have zero permissions then. ” This is a misconception. I don't use ACLs and I don't use OMV to set permissions on anything. I set permissions and ownership in the shell. And I have no…
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    At this point, I see nothing in the crystal ball... :huh:
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    OK, good luck then. Sorry I couldn't help you. I don't use ACLs because I have no need for them. And I have no problems. I restrict who can access my network and how.
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    Same problem here, can anyone confirm its a kernel issue ? I am on 4.19.0-0.bpo.2-amd64 aswell...
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    mainly I dont want to reinstall now because if for some reason the software is incapable of re-establishing the existing folders then it would take a ton of time to move data around (first to external sources...and then back onto it at a cringe inducing…
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    Started a plain FTP server on my pi for testing and forwarded port 21 to that instead, it works like a charm from WAN. Changed it back to the OMV machine and it doesnt work anymore.. There has to be something in the OMV that I've done wrong?
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    Replied to the thread OMV 4.x OMV keeps loosing write permissions after a couple hours..

    Then just reinstall and see if the problem goes away. You don't have much to loose. Then install one thing at a time and see when the problems reappear. I assume that you wiped the data drive during install and that you ONLY use Linux filesystems?…