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    Hello, brand new user here. I'm trying to install from USB onto an SSD. Everything seems to work, but the process hangs at "complete the installation" and says it will reboot into the new OS. I remove the thumb drive, hit Enter, and the system churns away for a few seconds then brings me back to the same screen, "complete the installation." This just repeats.

    If I do a hardware reset, I get a message that's there no bootable media,so clearly the installation has not completed.

    What's going on? Am I completely missing something?

    My CPU is an AMD Athlon X4 860K. and the proposed system drive is a 32Gb SSD.

    Thanks to anyone who's willing to assist the noob.
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    Today I am running OMV on a RPi 3b+, with two external USB3 cases (external supply). I like the idea, but petformance is crappy.

    I need a board with Gbe and USB3 (att least two ports). I am thinking of Nanopi M4 or the lately released Orange pi 3 (which is cheaper). Any suggestions of these two, or other to recommend? Can however not find OMV image for the Orange pi 3, maybe it will be released or works with an other image?

    Please hit me with your suggestions!
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    today I tried to do an backup of my system ssd with fsarchiver. I used my storage as destination and used ssh for the command.

    After about 500MB of data copied, the backup stoppped with this message:

    archwriter.c#212,archwriter_write_buffer(): Can't write to the archive file. Space on device is 1.27 TB.
    If the archive is being written to a FAT filesystem, you may have reached
    the maximum filesize that it can handle (in general 2 GB)

    After that my storage wasn't writable until reboot. I tried it a second time and the same happened. The disk has plenty of space and later I wrote 20 GB of data on it without a problem.

    Could this problem be related to Openmediavault like being a problem of another program than OMV writing on the disk?

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