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    After my old QNap with OMV 3 overcome its lifecycle i am looking for a small installation for a backup system with one Harddisk, running OMV 4/5 and simply rsync'ing my home-nas providing the backup via nfs/cifs.

    I think I do not have high demands, looked for a Odroid HC2 while having a ironwolf 8TB Harddisk at hand. But in Germany it seems to be sold so I need alternatives ... what else Setup seems to be suiteable? Looked for RockPro64 but dont know if attaching Sata Drives Via USB3 is good / performant. Is a external usb-drive the same as direct attached sata3-drive in the HC2-Setup? ... What do I have to buy to run it 24/7 and where? Is there something else leke the HC2, while i like the dedicated straight design ...

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    first, i hope everybody will understand my poor english ;)
    i found many thread speaking about modifying parameters in monit configuration, but i didn't found a thread about adding a new entry.
    I just want to monit with a network ping test if a device is connected or not on my network, and if not, send an alert.
    I thought it was exactly what monit does, that is why i want to add a service in monit. but i don't know which file adding/modifying to do this being sure that omv will not reset all i have done when reboot.
    thank you in advance for your help
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    I have a, maybe stupid, question. And my English is only so so, so I am sorry if my grammar will make it look like a cat have walked on my keyboard.

    Shortly, what I am worried about, that the drawer I have bought for a “pc case” we’ll get to hot and damage the rock64 pro and hdd.

    But my idea is to drill a hole in the back of the drawer and the draw the wire for the power extended and the Ethernet cable through the hole. I also attach the rock64 pro to the bottom of the drawer with pc spacers. But I am worried that the power supply for the rock64 pro and hdd case would make the drawer too hot and will make to much heat in a closed area?

    If that could be a issue then I would probably cut a hole to a pc fan and some other hole in the drawer to make some air circulation. But is it necessary?

    Have I have bought if

    A drawer:…age_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

    Rock64 pro w/ 4gb ram 1

    Rock64 pro power supply

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    Quote from mipi: “PSU ? ... I have maybe 20-30 of these power supplies in my cave , even a hc2 would have one, don't get your point! ” My whole point was that using on 'oversized' PSU wastes energy for nothing. PSUs get really inefficient in the…
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    Ich habe mir hier schon alles mögliche durchgelesen. Nichts passt richtig zu meinem Problem. Da 2 Rechner schnellen Zugriff haben und 2 nicht wird Samba tuning wie im zweiten Link leider nicht viel bringen. Hängen alle am selben Switch und alle Kabel…
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    No here a recap again on my yesterday and again today accomplished findings: Access to an OMV4 server using SSH terminal prompt and FTP shared folder is working fine with all Windows7, macOS, and Windows 10 operating systems. Access to the same OMV4…
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    Quote from tkaiser: “as long as it's really just the 'backup NAS' use case smile.png ” (1) You got me ;) Quote from tkaiser: “other than being an oversized PSU for a single disk setup.. ” PSU ? ... I have maybe 20-30 of these power supplies in my cave…
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    Quote from flmaxey: “Edit: Well that didn't work out very well. While going through the script process..... ” I'm sure I read somewhere that @macom was trying this.
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    Liked cghill’s post in the thread Trying to swap drives in RAID1 but RAID is missing.

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    Wow, thank you @flmaxey for the very informative response as well as all the resources you linked. You make a very strong case for OMV and I think I will give it a try so I can sunset my DS211j. Thank you as well @geaves for helping me sort through…
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    OMV3 is end of life, please upgrade to OMV4.
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    Replied to the thread OMV 3.x Tons of unrecoverable read errors.

    Your disk seems to be corrupted, i suggest to replace it. Check the status of the disk with SMART. If you've enabled emails notifications you'll get the notification that your system is under high load loadavg(5min) of 4.1 matches resource limit
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    Replied to the thread Updated 3->4 and now POSTFIX ERRORS.

    Try to recreate the postfix config Shell-Script (2 lines)
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    Simply create a file called /etc/monit/conf.d/my-test.conf. Don't calll it something like 'openmediavailt-xxx.conf' and you're fine.