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    Dear all,

    at the moment I´m setting up my new OMV-device.
    I´ve used a german tutorial from Technikaffe to build up OMV (4.0.14).

    Sadly I´ve noticed that I´ve to do a repartition from my system device to use the empty space. That was one of the last bullet points at the tutorial.

    I´ve used pretty new server hardware. But there´s a small problem. To do some maintenance for example via a live cd I´ve to remove a grafic card from another mashine and plug it in into my server, because the server does not have any graphic chip. To set it up first I´ve done this that way. Pretty ugly!

    I´ve noticed that´s possible to boot up SystemRescueCD. There I could use Gparted to do the job. But when I use "boot SystemRescueCD once" the system restarts and that´s it. There´s no DHCP-request at my router. No way to get any SSH-Connection.
    When I manually restart the system after no response it´s going to boot normal @ OMV.

    Is there any way to use gparted remote?

    Thx in advance!

    Kind regards!…
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    Hello. I am inexperienced in networking and I apologize if this question is very simple to answer.

    What I am trying to achieve is connecting a machine running OMV to my PC using an ethernet cable. If I try to do this, my PC simply sees it as an undentified network. I also get an error, ''Local area connection doesn't have a valid IP configuration''. Windows 7.
    I want to know whether it is possible to configure the devices so the network is functional.
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    I currently have a M700 with a i7-6700T, 32 GB ram and a 250 SSD hooked up to 2 4 Bay MediaSonic ProBox external HD enclosures running 8 Drives with 2 raid 5's giving me a total of 10.83 (5.41 each). The system works well consumes less power then an average machine. I very seldom have issues that are not of my own making. This device has 6 USB 3.0 slots. I'm trying to decide if I should move to a full size desktop. I like the thought of moving to eSATA with the MediaSonics or just putting them all in a case. I just don't want to lose the minimum power consumption.

    What I do witht he current system

    I stream TV and Movies remotely to another user in the city so transcoding does happen, I also use rutorrent and irssi, Duplicati for backups, Docker, Deluge, Plex media server, and MergeFS.

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