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    I am pretty new to OMV (had QNAP for years) and I am still in 'experiencing and testing' mode.

    Today I ran into a full rootfs after starting rsync to backup some data on an USB external HDD which is connected all the time to the NAS and mounted to /srv/dev-disk-by-label-backup/.
    The command executed was: /usr/bin/rsync -av /srv/dev.../media/ /srv/dev-disk-by-label/media/

    I found out that although the external USB drive was never removed from the NAS it seems to be unmounted or in some sort of an unknown state probably due to automatic spindown. It does not show up in the WebIF Drives section and I have to click on the 'Search' button to make it reappear.

    My questions are: How can I prevent such a behaviour (accidently backing up data to the rootfs because of a 'sleeping' device) and how could that even happen? Shouldn't the drive reappear automatically if a process is trying to accessing it?

    Thank you in advance

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    Hello community,
    Excuse my bad english.I am French speaking.
    I have a dedicated server with a single hard drive of 500Gb. I installed Debian 9.4 thanks to the management interface of my dedicated then OMV with SSH.
    In OMV I can see my hard drive of 500Gb but I can not select it. He is not present when I see him select him.
    How-is it possible to select my hard drive?
    Thank you 8o
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    I'm hoping someone can help me troubleshoot an issue with failed checksums when pulling docker images:

    # docker pull linuxserver/plex
    Using default tag: latest
    latest: Pulling from linuxserver/plex
    32802c0cfa4d: Verifying Checksum
    1643fa16260a: Download complete
    5768751b4c70: Download complete
    05b8a8268766: Download complete
    cef14ece6765: Download complete
    47930d69bbc1: Download complete
    c21e238ddbe4: Verifying Checksum
    8294a1b762c6: Download complete
    4007aef5d48e: Verifying Checksum
    3e2d225ae398: Download complete
    filesystem layer verification failed for digest sha256:4007aef5d48e666701d5e2608e6f8ce77525bc37563e05bbd4c66b878de500f0


    #docker pull linuxserver/plex
    Using default tag: latest
    Error response from daemon: Get x509: certificate signed by unknown authority (possibly because of "crypto/rsa: verification error" while trying to verify candidate authority certificate "Amazon Root CA 1")

    I am also having SSH drop my connection intermittently with…

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    Quote from TechnoDadLife: “The link to the article shows how to set up dockers. ” Either it doesn't have that option on Debian or my install needs to be updated because I don't see any container option.
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    no problem expected, but because config of all dockers are saved on a separate ( persistent ) path, no problem if you need to recreate on new install, you do not lose your dockers config.
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    This is an excerpt from syslog: Source Code (8 lines)It seems like some process is trying to create folder and subfolders inside /var/lib/plexmediaserver/ and cannot do it due to restrictions.
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    Replied to the thread OMV 2.x Resolved Plex Media Server - error on reinstall.

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    I appreciate your help. I tried what you suggested, but it did not work. I still get the same reply. Also tried Chrome as a third browser. SSL does not work. But I can login unprotected. ;) Does this mean OMV 3 globally does not work with SSL anymore?
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    Quote from c64emu: “removing VNC: ” Thanks mate, it worked with virtualbox 5.1.26 and the outdated 5.0.5 phpvirtualbox, RDP is so much better.