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HDD Spindown Issues



1 Individuelles leistungsfähiges NAS für Jedermann


Cannot access web gui on new OMV_4_Raspberry_Pi_2_3_3Plus.i​mg install



Port Forward


srcsharedfolderref: The value '' is not an UUIDv4. in rsnapshot



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  • ravennevar -

    Replied to the thread OMV 4.x HDD Spindown Issues.

    I installed hd-idle and set the following for all hard drives: APM - Disabled, AAM - Disabled, Spindown - Disabled, write cache - Disabled. The following was set for hd-idle: Source Code (29 lines)After reboot, the process was confirmed to be running.…
  • Nefertiti -

    Replied to the thread Cannot access web gui on new OMV_4_Raspberry_Pi_2_3_3Plus.img install.

    here what I can get using a monitor still cannot access it beside it I even put it on my old PI # with a new card no difference ! How can I upgrade my 3.0 installation to 4.0 since all of sudden my privileges as user…
  • runout74 -

    Liked ryecoaaron’s post in the thread OMV 4.x How can I permanently remove entry from resolv.conf?.

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    Quote from OviumNewbie: “Can you think of anything in the omv v4 armbian build that would be imposing this new cloudflare dns server? ” Yep, I guess I never looked on the armbian image. They use resolvconf and the following file forces the system to…
  • 7ekhed -

    Posted the thread OMV 4.x Port Forward.

    Hello everyone. I am having an issue with port-forwarding my server (I know about the risks and dangers). I have port forwarded port 80, and setup a no-ip hostname. When I try to connect to it on my phone, or on my friends network, I get an error of…
  • ravennevar -

    Replied to the thread OMV 4.x HDD Spindown Issues.

    Hello. I decided to do a clean install of OMV and destroy the RAID6 array, so as to eliminate potential culprits. Right now I have not installed hd-idle. Everything referenced in this post is based on the default spindown ability of OMV. Here are the…
  • In many cases, the issues with Windows 10 connections to OMV Samba shares result from problems with Share settings, Network security settings and the SMB (Server Messaging Block) protocol level. Microsoft continues to change SMB implementations and push…
  • **Feedback is welcome by PM or E-mail to**
    Note 1. Add-on client firewalls should be set to “trust” the local network with Medium…
  • henfri -

    Replied to the thread srcsharedfolderref: The value '' is not an UUIDv4. in rsnapshot.

  • tzinm -

    Replied to the thread OMV 3.x Resolved Use Telegram as notification service Q&A.

    Quote from subzero79: “2fa has nothing to do. If emails go through then script should work. Check the script is executable ” I don´t know why it doesn´t work. The script is executable, I leave two…
  • .H. -

    Replied to the thread OMV 4.x install OMV on my NAS with usb Key.

    everything seems ever to be ok . :) Source Code (8 lines)