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    i wan't to try an automatically RSync Backup with OMV. If i set the Option "Make a testrun without changing" it will works fine, but when i disabled this option an running the feature it will saying:

    Please wait, syncing </media/01D22256D4DEF8C0/Backup/Auftraege/> to <patrick@> ...

    sending incremental file list
    rsync: mkdir "/patrick@" failed: No such file or directory (2)
    rsync error: error in file IO (code 11) at main.c(674) [Receiver=3.1.1]

    Have u any solution?
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    the last 'snapraid sync' gave me this result:


    Data error in file '/path/to/file.xls' at position '0', diff bits 66/128


    0 file errors 0 io errors 1 data errors

    DANGER! Unexpected data errors! The failing blocks are now marked as bad!

    Use 'snapraid status' to list the bad blocks.

    Use 'snapraid -e fix' to recover.

    Since I don't fully understand the details of how snapraid works, I would appreciate some advice how to interpret this error and how to fix it.

    My wife (it's her file) doesn't think she changed it, but she isn't sure. Could this happen if a file is changed and also the sector on another disk used to compute the parity? Or is this bit rot? The disk is quite new (about a year) and good quality (HGST).

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    I recently ran across some 2TB Constellation ES (6GB SAS) tucked away in a company supply room, and was told I could buy them for $25 each. These are new spares (still sealed in the bags), but all look to be about 3-4 years old from the production dates. I was thinking it could be an economical way to upgrade my home OMV setup, which currently has a mix of aging 1TB consumer grade SATA disks. I thought I'd use them for a Snapraid setup, with a SAS controller (LSI 9211, IBM 1015 or similar) in IT mode.

    Before I start, I thought I'd ask if anyone had any advice, or cautions, for this setup? Even though they are still in the sealed bags with desiccant, am I asking for trouble using drives that old?

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    Hey guys!
    I finally have a working OMV on a new machine (from harvested parts here and there).
    I want to use snapRAID.
    I have 3 disks and a parity disk.
    I'm just not clear with the interface.
    I understand what parity means, content, and data.

    I'm having trouble understanding what the "tools" do (picture).

    Can someone please explain each of them in SIMPLE words. Please don't get too technical.

    Sync: I understand this one. It means it "runs" the snapraid to take a screenshot and save the parity on the parity disk and update the content files.

    What's prehash? Scrub (looks like an eraser, I'm worried if I press it it will erase/format disks).

    fix vs silent fix?

    I would really appreciate if someone could make a small sentence/paragraph to each function and what it does.

    Also, Does the sync occur automatically? Or should I run it every day?

    Thanks a lot!

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