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    I am thinking of moving TVHeadend from my x86 server to something a more power friendly.

    My obvious first choice was a RPi 3B+ but lots of advice on here seems to favour the Rock64.

    Is this going to be a suitable choice for me?

    What I need is something that can power a s 2.5" hard drive and can use a Digbit R1 for recording.

    I did read that Odroid also offer some devices with similar capabilities but have a higher idle draw.

    Any advice/recommendations would be much appreciated.


    My current x86 server contains 3 storage HDDs and an SSD.

    I have leaving it on all the time, just to make recordings, as I only really use it for streaming for a couple of hours a night during the week.

    My plan was to have an ARM device (like the Rock64) for all my scheduling of recordings and watching them back and then manually turn on the server whenever it was actually needed.

    However, I note that this is being mentioned a few times on here:

    It is not cheap but do…
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    Hi, I am a newborn on the linux world. I am using the OMV4 for a couple of weeks now, to replace my personal windows 7 shares and also using on a rural community here. Well, on my personal Rig, i need to back it up to crashplan. As I am still a windows user for most of my stuff (gaming and lightroom editing). I've been using the "single user trick" to backup up mapped shared folders, but as the number of folders increase, that is not practical and also I need 2 devices on to backup things.

    I've found this docker container here:

    I've managed to pull it (at least I think so), but I do not know how to actually config it and make it run.

    Can someone help me step by step?

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    I am on Stoneburner for my main media system. Long story of why I cannot yet upgrade this one including need for TFTP server, iSCSI targets etc.

    Anyway, this system has been going great and has been rock solid for quite a number of years. However, within the last few months the root filesystem has become 100% filled and I cannot seem be able to locate what is causing it.

    I run Docker with three containers including MythTV and Emby and false media plugin. It has NFS exports also.

    Anyway, as mentioned earlier, it has been running all this great for quite some time but it appears something (perhaps a package update) may have caused this.

    If you can help suggest what I can try next, please let me know.

    Thank you.

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