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    I am a noob and I need some advice.

    I have 3 raspberry pi Cameras running at my home
    And now I have a Raspberry that is nas (hostname = Pinas) Runnig Erasmus 3.0.99

    I would like to do a cron job from the my pinas that collect all files from a specific folder everyday.
    Then I would like to place the files at my pinas /srv/dev-disk-by-label-tank1/camera and share it so I can access it from my windows computer.
    But I would like the pinas to collect the files each time. It should be initialased from the pinas.

    Where should I start?
    Since I would like to run this at a cron job every day I guess I need to be able to do ssh with no password?
    My plan was to use Rsync.

    What do I do ?
    Should I do "sudo su" and do ssh-keygen from there or what

    Where do I start

    Command me, dark lords
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    In a clean install of OMV 4.1, the flashmemory plugin (ver 4.1) does not appear to be doing its magic. The Root field in the web interface is empty and the Write Kbytes is n/a. I can see nothing being written to to the physical hard drive, /dev/sda1. I have uninstalled, rebooted, reinstalled and rebooted without a change. Output of the mount command is attached. Can someone point me in a direction to troubleshoot this? TIA!
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    I managed to install OMV4.1.3 onto a 40GB SSD connected via SATA and my RAID6 is already recognized in the GUI. However, the GUI shows several issues. I attached two screenshots, one from when I was trying to add a share and another one from trying to add a user. A third one is from when trying to shut down the OMV.

    Also, I noticed a main difference: After saving changes I no longer have to update the site. I was running OMV 2 before and suspect this to be normal, right?

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