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  • Run apt-get -f install via commandline and if you encounter the question about the openmediavault package, type n to not replace your config file. Greetings David

  • HP Hardware RAID status in smart?

    davidh2k - - RAID


    @votdev Maybe Volker can work on something, but I bet he wouldn't like it much. Greetings David

  • Are you sure you set the correct version of OMV in your openmediavault.list? Greetings David

  • Can you tell me which kernel you are running? uname -a shows it. Also which videocard are you using? Greetings David

  • Can you open up the crashlog (via ssh) and post it here? Greetings David

  • How do I update Java from 1.7 to 1.8.

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    You can use every Guide that for installing Java 8 on Debian that matches either Debian Wheezy (OMV 2.0) or Debian Jessie (OMV 3.0) Greetings David

  • What does it say when you try to run Kodi from a commandline window in the xfce4 desktop? Greetings David

  • Creating a new 'admin' user for SSH

    davidh2k - - General


    Nope. Any other group is irrelevant since you act with root privileges. Greetings David

  • I'd suggest you to install plain debian with any Desktop Environment to your liking. Then install OMV from sources (See Installation Subforum Sticky on how to do that.) This should make your Kodi install work. Greetings David

  • Creating a new 'admin' user for SSH

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    It needs to be in the ssh group to be able to ssh into the system. You also need to add the sudo group. Then you can login with that user and just execute any command with sudo command. Greetings David

  • omv 4?

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    See Greetings David

  • Using yes, creating only for single drives, not raid. Greetings David

  • Quote from rabudde: “, aber da passen NSC-800 und NSC-200 nicht nebeneinander, ” Schonmal daran gedacht das NSC-800 einfach 'längs' ins Rack zu stellen? Gruß David

  • If you want to know about the Syntax, take a peek at my script or the command line guidance over at the filebot side. If you installed filebot as deb file you can call it via the filebot command, if I'm not mistaken, you should be able to extract that from my script - I can't look at it right now. @jgganeto I'm sorry you haven't heard back to me in the past few weeks/months. I've been distracted by lots of other stuff and it doesn't seem like I'll be able to continue the work on the script anyti…

  • Quote from HerrVorragend: “In den vorherigen Post hat davidh2k ja bereits erwählt, dass es so ausschaut, dass Volker bald das release freigibt. Kann dies zeitlich grob umrissen werden? Reden wir bei bald um wenige Tage oder um über einen Monat ? ” Aktuell weiß ich nicht ganz auf was @votdev noch wartet, es sollte aber nicht mehr allzu lange dauern, ich werde da aber nochmal mit Volker Rücksprache halten. Quote from HerrVorragend: “Ist es zu empfehlen das Image von OMV bei der Installation zu neh…

  • Quote from Blabla: “There is any plan to create a plugin for sickrage? ” Uh, the sickbeard already supports the sickrage fork. Just install the sickbeard plugin and Chose it from the forks tab. Greetings David

  • Quote from Sunseeker: “thanks for responding that fast... ” You're welcome. Quote from Sunseeker: “for sure you dont know it at the moment more or less when the release date will be right !? (just for my plannings). ” Nothing written in Stone, can't be that much longer though. Volker is still waiting on some things to finish up, as far as I know. Quote from Sunseeker: “It would be a shame to wait a longer time and i can not use the new hardware... ” Get your new Hardware, set it up with 3.0, you…

  • worth use SSD over usb key?

    davidh2k - - My NAS Build


    Garbage Collection will be active automatically, at least under 3.0. Only use your usb stick if you also use the flashmemory plugin, if you use a usb stick without the plugin, it will fail eventually. Go with the SSD if you have it lying around and can spare the sata port. Greetings David

  • Quote from Sunseeker: “I would like to change the Hardware, Board and CPU, Memory maybe as well the Network Adpt. Can i do this (is there a manual for it with the necessary steps?) ..right now without any problem ” Should be doable. Quote from Sunseeker: “and if yes, will it be possible to upgrade later to OMV 3.0 autom. without any problem using omv-release-upgrade ? ” It should be, but we aren't there yet. Note that this can Change at any time since the release upgrade is not working right now…

  • Outage: omv-extras

    davidh2k - - Announcements


    I apologize again that it took us so long to get everything back up (with the exception of the demo). Thank you all for your patience and acknowledgments. Greetings David