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  • Subfolder on OMV Nginx possible?

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    Hi all, My NAS can be reached from the outside world through a Domain On the nameserver it is mapped using an A-Record to the IP Address of my NAS at my home. What I would like to have now is a webpage which can be reached through oder Both need, as far as my knowledge goes, a special configuration of the OMV webpage Nginx config. Is this possible? Or is there any other way to do that? The webpage could also run on another port but has to be rea…

  • New OMV UI

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    For all of you who like the look and feel of the new GUI but think it uses too much space, look at this thread: Shrink OMV Gui

  • Shrink OMV Gui

    sparx82 - - General


    Hi all, After the newest change of the OMV Gui, everything looked a little bit too big for me as I don't like "wasted" space on my screen (see also this Pull Request). There's a reason why I have a high screen resolution and it is not to fill it with white but to display information So I created a theme-custom.css which I'd like to share with you. Basically I just decreased paddings and some other stuff. As I'm not a CSS specialist I don't know whether everything makes sense, I used Chrome to de…

  • Always different. I guess it's just bots trying everything they find.

  • Actually, I'm the only one using the website so no, it is not very big But it is protected using "auth_basic "Restricted Content";" and I can see in the log that someone is trying to access the page by trying random user name and password combinations. And I hoped to make their lives a little bit more annoying by allowing only one connection every few seconds. This would be enough for me.

  • Hi all, I used the Nginx Plugin to create an additional server. It is up and running but I would like to add some additional configuration (like this: As far as I can see this is not possible using the web interface as the additional configuration there always goes into the "server" block of the config file but I need as well something in the "location" block. Changing the configuration file itself doesn't make sense as well as this wil…

  • Kann es sein dass dieser Fehler kommt weil diese Harddisk bereits gemounted ist? /etc/fstab: Source Code (4 lines)/etc/mtab: Source Code (1 line)

  • Einen Schritt weiter würde ich sagen, der Fehler ist immerhin ein anderer Brainfuck Source Code (35 lines)

  • Hallo zusammen Ich habe mir ein Backup meiner Daten mit openmediavault-usbbackup eingerichtet (OMV Version 3.0.31). Ich sehe dort meine externe Festplatte und soweit hat alles geklappt. Wenn ich allerdings die Festplatte nun nei einstecke sollte ja das Backup beginnen. Macht es aber nicht. Im Syslog sehe ich folgendes: Brainfuck Source Code (35 lines)Die Festplatte wird erkannt und gemountet, irgendwie klappts aber nicht mit dem Backup. Was könnte hier falsch sein? Viele Grüsse Oliver