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  • Question about installing JAR file

    1uke_ - - Plugins


    I would like to instal AirSonic on my Open Media Vault Server. I have been told I need to do the following 1. Access via ssh 2. Install JRE 8 3. Copy over airsonic jar and run it I am new to using Linux/Open Media Vault and I was hoping someone might be able to give me instructions on how to do each of the steps listed above. Thanks in advance

  • Automatic updates?

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    Hi @ryecoaaron, I was just searching for auto updates and found this thread. Can you explain further why 'auto updates on a server is a dangerous idea'? I was thinking about auto updating but I don't want to break my system, it would be really helpful to me if you could help me understand further why auto updating is bad. Thanks for your help with this

  • Hello, Background info I am a Linux / Open Media Vault noob. I have very little experience of using the command line and tend to use the web interface as a way of managing the server. My Questions - I am just wondering if I should upgrade my system from 2.2.5 stone burner to 3.0 Erasmus? - What would be the easiest way to perform the upgrade? - How likely is it that anything will 'break'? Thank you in advance for answering my questions on this.

  • Quote from ryecoaaron: “Quote from 1uke_: “Can you tell me if I am looking in the correct place. ” You have to edit the interface in the Interfaces tab. Scroll to the bottom of the interface settings and there is a wake on lan checkbox. ” Thanks for the info @ryecoaaron I've not had a chance to see if this is working, but incase anyone else is looking for this info in the future I have added some screen shots below of what I changed.…88f5832b2176f6b49f76c4656 forum…

  • Hi @SlashOpt I have logged in to the web gui of OMV and taking a look at (from the side bar) System > Network > General but I don't see an option to enable Wake on LAN. Can you tell me if I am looking in the correct place. Thank you for your help with this

  • How can I install LibreSonic?

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    Hi, No I never got any further with this, I just installed SubSonic, but never got LibreSonic working. Let me know if you managed to get LibreSonic working as I might make the switch if you can find a way to get it up and running. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

  • Hello, I have searched the forums and can't find a definitive answer. I was wondering if anyone can tell me, - How do I get Wake on LAN running on HP Proliant Microserver N54L working? Thank you for your help with this

  • Hi @vl1969 I worked out where my music was shortly after posting. I'm currently re-organising my music but can see it is easy enough in LMS to repoint it to a new folder if I move the location of my music. So from that point of view it seems like I have the server up and working now. I am now wondering how much further your knowledge of multiroom audio extends? For the next part of this project I need to set up the client / player on my Raspberry Pi and I am trying to find the best / most suitab…

  • Hi @vl1969 I now have the server up and running, my next challenge is to locate my music, could you help me with this please? Here's a bunch of folders that the server interface shows me, but I'm not sure where in this file structure my music is located. (See image below) Could you advise me further please? Thank you for your continued help…88f5832b2176f6b49f76c4656

  • @ 'Wolf2000' Diese Befehle haben für mich gearbeitet! Vielen Dank, Logitech Media Server läuft nicht auf meinem Server. Ich muss es jetzt auf meinen Musikordner verweisen, aber ich bin nicht sicher, wo es sich in der Dateistruktur befindet (siehe Bild unten). Kannst du mir bitte helfen den Server einzurichten bitte? @Wolf2000 Those commands worked for me! Thank you so much, Logitech Media Server is no running on my server. I now need to point it to my music folder, but I'm not sure where it migh…

  • Quote from Wolf2000: “Hi Quote from 1uke_: “Mach dir keine Sorgen, mein Deutsch ist nicht so toll, ich entweder mit Google Translate zu schreiben Ich habe einen Himbeer-Pi-Computer und ich benutzte SSH, um Fernbefehle laufen zu lassen. Ich habe gerade aktiviert SSH auf dem OpenMediaVault-Server, können Sie mir sagen, was ich als nächstes tun müssen? ” Dein Beitrag: Is it possible to instal Logitech Media Server on Open Media Vault? ” Ich sagte ja, ich habe SSH verwendet. Ich habe es auf einem Hi…

  • Quote from Wolf2000: “Raspberry Pi kann not 64Bit : dpkg -i logitechmediaserver_7.9.0~1481874538_amd64.deb.2 ” Hi Ich glaube, Sie haben missunderstood. Ich laufe nicht dieses auf meinem Himbeerpu. Ich laufe es auf meinem HP ProLiant MicroSever, die offene Mediengewölbe läuft. Lassen Sie mich wissen, wenn Sie helfen können, wie ich dachte, es hat funktioniert, aber jetzt, wenn ich versuche, das Web-Interface zugreifen, es wird nicht geladen. Hi I thin…

  • Quote from vl1969: “there should not be any "/" between IP and :9000 should be [my ip]:9000 ” The image below is what I see when I type [my ip]:9000 I thought we were almost there but now I am worried we aren't any closer. Are you OK to still continue to help me please? Any idea on what we can try next?…88f5832b2176f6b49f76c4656

  • @vl1969 This is similar to what I do to access PLEX which is running on my OMV - I go to [my ip]/:32400/web/ and PLEX has its own dashboard I just tried to access [my ip]/:9000 But I see the following (see below) can you suggest what to do next?…88f5832b2176f6b49f76c4656

  • Thansk @vl1969 I have my web interface open again, where would I look to see if the package has installed correctly? At this point I am wondering if it would be easier for me to share my screen with you via Skype?

  • @vl1969 @ryecoaaron Thank you for helping me I think we might have cracked it. If it working I'd like to show you both my appreciation. Do you use reddit? I would like to gift you Reddit Gold. The package downloaded perfect this time. Then I ran Source Code (1 line) and got the following message Source Code (8 lines)Can you tell me what this means? How can I check if it installed correctly and how would I access settings etc if it is installed correctly? Thanks again for all your help

  • @ryecoaaron @vl1969 Thanks for helping me out, I appreciate it! It seems that even the new links you suggested aren't working Where are you finding the links? How can I find links that work? Thanks again for all your help and support! Hope that I can get this installed and running soon

  • Hi @vl1969 I am actually using a Mac and found it easy to run SSH via the terminal, (much easier than I thought) Anyway so no I know how to easily access my server I now need to get the correct command to run to install the software. The one suggested gave me the following message root@openmediavault:~# wget….9.0~1457466777_amd64.deb --2016-12-16 16:40:50--….9.0~1457466777_amd64.deb Resolving (downloads.slimd…

  • Thanks for being helpful @ryecoaaron - That is the most useful advice anyone has provided so far, it's really appreciated. I logged in via SSH fine but when I try to run the command I get the following message root@openmediavault:~# wget….9.0~1457466777_amd64.deb --2016-12-16 16:40:50--….9.0~1457466777_amd64.deb Resolving (,,, ... Connectin…

  • Hello, I am hoping to find someone who can actor as a guide and a mentor as servers and linux is fairly new to me. I am trying to install Logitech Media Server and in another thread I have been advised that I need to use SSH to run the install. I need some support to install the software over SSH and wondered if anyone is willing to help me and guide me with this? So far I have enabled the SSH on my OMV (See picture below) but I am not sure what to do next. If you could help me please leave a me…