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  • Quote from tinh_x7: “I'm using .srt sub for my movies for Emby and Plex, and they both working fines. ” I found out what was the issue with Plex, it needed the subtitles encoded in UTF-8. I found a plugin for Plex that converted all the subtitles to UTF-8. They were being loaded in Plex before, but specific Romanian characters were not showed properly. Coming back to Emby, I have reinstalled it, after making a backup of the configs (users, databases, cache and so on), restored the configs and no…

  • I do not know if this is the correct place to ask, but has anybody managed to make Emby use the .srt subtitles? I have local subtitles for all my videos. I was not able to do this. I used Docker to install Emby, if it is of any importance. This is driving me crazy, I really want to use Emby and not Plex (that has issues with subtitles encoding other than UTF-8). I do not want to open a new thread about this.

  • I just wanna thank @tkaiser, Armbian and OMV for providing the best OMV installation since OMV 2.x. I just switched to it on Friday and I am more than pleased with my XU4 performance and overall behaviour. My USB 3.0 HDD (4TB Seagate Hub) does not have the UAS issues, luckily.

  • What is the difference between Base and Pro? Can we any of them in a XU4? Edit: I found out now. It just looked like a codename for a new release.

  • I was under the (wrong) impression that, since there is a 4.9.28 image already generated, that there will be an upgrade on the kernel as well. I will use the latest available image, thank you for replying.

  • I am coming back with the question. Should apt-get upgrade also upgrade the kernel? Because I was on 4.9.23 image (when I was testing this release) and after upgrade, the kernel was not updated. I also ran apt-get dist-upgrade.

  • Quote from tkaiser: “Quote from tmihai20: “It had to be connected to ethernet to work, at least on first boot. ” Yes, due to the new way these OMV images are created for ARM boards (fully automated in a chroot environment so no one has logged in ever here) a few final installation steps are done on first boot and this requires network access. And I didn't thought missing network could be an issue since a NAS without the N (network) is useless anyway In case you run into XU4 issues please report …

  • Is there anything else special to be done for booting these new 4.9 Armbian images? I wrote OMV_3_0_76_Odroidxu4_4.9.28 and it does not fully boot. Could it be because I did not plug my XU4 into an ethernet? I connected it only via UART. U-Boot 2012.07 (May 19 2017 - 09:22:50) for Exynos5422 CPU: Exynos5422 Rev0.1 [Samsung SOC on SMP Platform Base on ARM CortexA7] APLL = 800MHz, KPLL = 800MHz MPLL = 532MHz, BPLL = 825MHz Board: HardKernel ODROID DRAM: 2 GiB WARNING: Caches not enabled TrustZone …

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  • You need to rebuild miniDLNA to be able to change the icon. Read more here…r-custom-logo-icon.23207/. I would also love to be able to change it, but it appears this is the only way.