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  • I don't have any ntfs drives in my OMV machine. I do occasionally plug one in that comes from a friend who I share movies with. All I do with it is copy files to it and unplug it when done. It isn't in my system long enough to run into problems. It's one of those WD USB Passport drives. Sometimes he brings a no-name SATA SSD in one of those USB cases. I installed the usbmount package on my OMV machine. That allows USB drives to mount and unmount automatically when plugged or unplugged. I don't k…

  • Quote from Polyamid: “Tell me where I am wrong. I am sure I can learn something. ” If it was required to wipe existing populated disks before they could be used with OMV, there would be significantly less interest in the product.

  • Quote from flvinny521: “Quote from matthias80: “Yes... Read the Docs... I know... Whats your recommendation for the Policy? ” I use both mergerfs and SnapRAID. For me, the MFS policy is ideal. Your syncs and scrubs will be faster overall if the data is spread as evenly between the drives as possible. ” Doesn't any advantage of the data being spread as evenly as possible end as soon as you add a new empty disk into the array?

  • Quote from Polyamid: “ Sure, you have a problem parking all that data before copying back to the drive but I can see no other solution. ” I don't think you have enough of an understanding of the OP's problem or enough experience with this product to make a statement like that.

  • The first recommendation would be to have one or more directories off the root of your drives. Just writing a lot of files files into the root is not a good idea. Here's how I have mine set up. I do not use the Union Filesystems plugin here, rather I manually set it up in /etc/fstab outside the openmediavailt section. I have four data drives, labeled d1-d4. Each drive has a directory below the root like this with subdirectories: \ multimedia-content-d1 movies music tv series \ multimedia-content…

  • Is there a filesystem on that disk yet?

  • Here's a better zip.

  • I dunno. Something is corrupting your configuration, but I don't know what it is.

  • Here's a zip of it.

  • I have the following in my /var/cache which totals 82MB of files. 60.3 MiB [##########] /apt 12.0 MiB [# ] /apt-show-versions 8.5 MiB [# ] /debconf 1.4 MiB [ ] /man 572.0 KiB [ ] /samba 60.0 KiB [ ] /openmediavault 36.0 KiB [ ] /fontconfig 4.0 KiB [ ] /pm-utils 4.0 KiB [ ] /ldconfig I would expect the contents to be very specific to my machine and not usable for a recovery effort on another machine. Hopefully someone else will chime in with better news.

  • My suggestion would be to unmount /dev/sdb1 in the shell, mount it from within the File Systems" page, and then see if it winds up being selectable in Shared Folders

  • Quote from matthias80: “That was the crucial clue. Many Thanks. "Existing Path" ...Have it changed only to mostly free space and behold, the data is written to the other disk. It does not matter whetherthe directories already exist or are newly created.How is the recommendation?Better first make a plate full or really always those with the most free space to occupy? ” That was the crucial clue. Many Thanks. "Existing Path" ...Have it changed only to mostly free space and behold, the data is writ…

  • It was straight dd with source, and destination only.

  • Just saying that it does not work is not enough information to get any meaningful help. You need to describe how your file systems are structured, specifically what directories exist on each drive and what the destination of the write was when it did not work as you expected.

  • log/details font color

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    Only quick workaround I can think of is to select all the text, copy it to the clipboard and paste it into a new document. It's readable there.

  • log/details font color

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    You may want to modify the thread Subject to say that this is about the Docker Plugin logs.

  • Quote from ixaff: “I'm stuck running OMV off of USB due to hardware restrictions. I'm sure there are also lots of people that would love to keep using their OS-USBs and have access to Docker at the same time. Any chance you guys willing to take the time to turn this into a guide? ” What is preventing you from using Docker when running OMV from USB?

  • Cron and rsync - not excluding folders

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    Quote from copytco: “Ok, but as far as I know cron scripts have "#!/bin/bash" line added at the very beginning. Is OMV also adding it when creating a cron job via the OMV site? ” OMV's System | Scheduled Jobs menu item does not create "cron scripts." It makes one line entries in the crontab of the root account.

  • Upgrade ?

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    Quote from johnism: “ Now is there a way to back up my shares so after the install , I could then import the config that and plug the drives back in and be good ? ” No. There is no way to convert a fresh install into something that looks and behaves like a previous install by importing files from the old install. You will have to configure it all by hand from scratch. If you keep a copy of the old config.xml file you can refer to it while you configure your new install. Having screenshots of the…

  • Sonarr Alternative?

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    Sickbeard or Sickrage. But there is no Sickrage plugin for OMV 3.x, and none for either in OMV 4.x. Have you considered running Sonarr in a docker? They probably keep that more current with respect to dependencies such as Mono.