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  • Quote from mkpd: “I am just guessing but are your permissions correct for the Plex user for your plex library folder? "/usr/lib/plex mediaserver/Plex Media Server" Also is the folder "/usr/lib/plex mediaserver/Plex Media Server" correct for your library? ” maybe the update changed the permissions, why not? I had several troubles installing omv and trying to update (this never worked on my computer always had to reinstall), so I decided to change for Ubuntu Server. My main purpose is to have a re…

  • I did uninstall plex with the web UI, reboot then install plex (still with the web ui). I still get the same error. So what should I do next?

  • I think I enabled it with the Web UI

  • To install OMVExtras: Source Code (3 lines) To install plex Source Code (1 line)

  • I updated from the OMV update tab. Don't know wether it helps but I first installed plex with command line because I had trouble making update with OMV web UI. Each time I tried to update from 3.086 to to 3.088 I got disconnected from the web UI with a software failure message and had to reboot the nas. After that I had plenty of errors. I tried several times to reinstall OMV, changed the USB key, tried to update with command line it was always the same result. I finally installed OMV without ma…

  • Hi, I'm new to OMV, and I'm encountering troubles after Plex's last update as it do not start. Here's what I get from the command line when I look at plexmediaserver status: Source Code (19 lines) I'm running OMV on a USB Key. Thanks