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  • One of the following things caused the error to go away: 1) Shut down Dell Server 2) Opened it up, checked all the connections 3) Changed PCIe slots 4) Booted, enabled passthrough, rebooted 5) 6) Profit. Well, it works again. I am going to chalk this up to VMWare weirdness of some sort - I meant to be more methodical but the server also has the VM with the router on it, and umm, other forces at home were not happy.

  • I did a fresh install of OMV3.x, and the PCIe card that was working in 2.x is no longer working in 3. The main thing I am seeing is USB Bus 1 deregistered, but I cannot find anything useful about this message. This is vmware on a dell server with the VIA PCIe device assigned to the OMV vm. Source Code (7 lines)Source Code (2 lines)Source Code (9 lines)

  • Thats what I was afraid of - I have a backup I can go back to as well, but I have to shut the whole physical server off to assign the raidcontroller to the VM.

  • I tried it - it did a bunch of stuff, rebooted, but the error comes back

  • So... I did: apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade && omv-update then omv-release-upgrade And it failed at some point. For reasons I would not like to get in to (my puppy jumped up on my and I clicked reboot on web esxi), I got sent in to recovery boot. On normal boot, I get stuck here: yCEHr And this is the mode I got in to after rebooting from the other error: Any ideas on how to fix this? Edit: I have tried researching more - but as it is I cannot find any…