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  • fred:users is the user:group that all my dockers run as and their configurations set these as PUID and PGID with the numerical equivalents for the user and group. The folowing are directories on one of several 3TB disks I have: drwxr-sr-x 3 fred users 4096 Mar 12 16:02 plexmediaserver-dockered (This is the Plex Media Server Database. /config in the docker container path points here) drwxr-sr-x 3 fred users 4096 Mar 22 10:17 plexmediaserver-transcode (This is where transcode temp files are writte…

  • I am saying that .config is really a misnomer for the directory name. In a standard install it would not be a name preceded with a dot, nor would it be called config. It really is not a docker configuration file, it's the PMS metadata database. Whatever you call that directory, it must be owned by the user and group that PMS is running as.

  • You could run this as root: apt-get install unrar

  • Absolutely. But for Plex that really isn't a docker config file that would normally be named .config. It's the location of of the Plex Media Server Database. I have mine here: /srv/dev-disk-by-label-dp1/plexmediaserver-dockered There is or will be one folder in there - Library.

  • Move /home folder to Data Drive

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    You don't need to move /home to do this. Just don't point your docker files or Plex Database to /home.

  • Try this. Instead of pointing /config to /sharedfolders/whale/.config/plex navigate to the actual drive mountpoint instead.

  • Error installing OMV Extras Plugin

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    Did you install OMV 4 or OMV 3 ?

  • Quote from ajaja: “The paths where created the same way; choosing the path not typing them in. There are no obvious error messages. Where would I look for them? When I chose /sharedfoldes/whale/.config/plex — /sharedfolders/whale/.config/plex/Library/ — is created by Plex container, when it is run. ” You can look in the Log for the container, it is available in the Docker GUI. OK, some more questions. You have set PGIG 100 and PUID 1001. Are those real existing users on your system or did you re…

  • Are you selecting those host paths from from a drop down list or are you typing them in? Are you getting any error messages?

  • Quote from flmaxey: “@gderf, is there anything special required to release all drives from a union and delete it?I tried to simply delete the union, without removing the drives first, but it wouldn't, um, go away.. I noticed an entry in fstab for the union, along with the parameters for fill, etc. Is that the only configuration change unionfs makes, an entry in fstab?) Thanks. ” I don't use the UFS plugin myself, so I don't have any answers about what you are seeing. I set mine up by making the …

  • The Plex Media Server shows its tasks running on the underlying OS and if a file is being transcoded and other details about the processes. I use a Roku 3 box as a client for my TV and it can provide details about what file is being played and if it is being transcoded. There is a lot of variation in client behavior and capability, so it's likely that they are not all equal in that respect.

  • You should be able to find out what clients have which codecs. For example, the Plex app on my Roku 3 can not play x265 video directly so those files must be transcoded by Plex before being uploaded to the Roku. However, the Plex app on my iPhone 7 Plus can play x265 directly, so no transcoding is needed. The codecs may or may not be done in hardware, but I don't really know. Plex is capable of creating "optimized versions" that are transcodes made in advance of being viewed and stored on the se…

  • Quote from flmaxey: “Also for headless NAS purposes, get a Motherboard with integrated graphics. Putting a hot video card in a NAS is a true waste of money. That's like installing a 100 to 200 watt light bulb in a closet, without a switch, and closing the door. ” Better still get a MB that has IPMI and a web GUI built into a separate on-board SoC. That's really headless, and in the case of mine, even the OS was installed remotely. I only connected a monitor, keyboard, and serial cable to it one …

  • To OMV 4 or not to OMV 4?

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    The list of available plugins in OMV 4 is quite a bit shorter than what was available in past versions, especially in the Downloaders section. There is a Plex plugin available in OMV 4, But I didn't see one for VMWare, only VirtualBox. Using Dockers is the way to go if you need applications whose OMV plugin has been deprecated, so don't let the lack of a plugin hold you back. I've used OMV 2, 3, and now 4. None of them has ever crashed or given me any problems.

  • No, you misunderstand transcoding. If the client application (regardless where it is located in a network sense) can play the content directly - ie it supports the required codecs, then the content is merely uploaded to the device and played. If the client application cannot play the content directly, then it tells Plex what formats it can play directly, Plex then transcodes the original file into that directly playable format, and then uploads the transcoded file to the player. Transcoding vide…

  • Quote from subzero79: “the only think I like from plex is the plex pass option to take content offline for mobile devices, works pretty good. When I am doing traveling I pay one month just to access this feature only, the rest of the time plex stands idle (database gets fatter only) as I use kodi, and lately Netflix. ” Tell me more about buying Plex Pass one month at a time. Do you to have to have paid for Plex Pass to upload to your phone or is is also needed to play back that synced content to…

  • You really only need to be concerned about having to transcode. If your media will play directly, you don't need monster CPU power, even for multiple simultaneous streams. Having said that I don't think it's really possible to be 10 years out future proof regardless how much money you throw at it today.

  • Read this for ideas about how much CPU Plex needs.…-do-i-need-for-my-server/

  • Colored CLI

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    If you were logged is as a non root user, created a new file and it wound up being owned by root, then something is wrong with your system.

  • Colored CLI

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    How did the ownership of that .bashrc get to be root:root? Weren't you logged in as an ordinary user when you created that file in that user's home directory?