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  • are you by any chance using armbian? Please check this command dpkg -l | grep dhcp

  • Error using Remote Mount

    subzero79 - - Plugins


    That’s correct no more shared folder. It mounts a fs, and it gets displayed as so in the fs section. The error is saying host is down, check that first, ip typo, host name, etc.

  • I can no longer access AFP after ufw rules

    subzero79 - - AFP


    I think they are. Try disabling them see how it goes. Looks like you don’t know very much what you’re doing. Do you really need a firewall ? Is this a simple lan server?

  • Quote from neek0la: “Anyone got any ideas? ” The sidebar announce works on multicast not those ports, so what you probably did is set default policy as deny and allow those two ports. If you connect manually with cmd+k does it still works?

  • Custom notifications

    subzero79 - - General


    Quote from namirda: “how can I stop the emails being sent? ” You can't this was stated from when the feature was added. You have to filter them in your inbox. This is easy in gmail as i add +alias for delivery address Quote from namirda: “I could change the transport parameters in /etc/postfix but won't those changes be overwritten by OMV? ” You can try, but yes ANY changes in the webui notification section will be rewritten. If you find a solution then script your configuration changes and add …

  • Transmission update

    subzero79 - - Plugins


    Some plugins are just a start/stop checkbox. Transmission is a neat plugin as it provides access to the full configuration settings via a ui. Also now transmission provides a way to override the webui root directory where you can have different skins some of them provide full access to settings.json. There is no reason to maintain sonarr, radarr couchpotato, sabnzb, jdownloader and plex. I think plugins will exist in general as long as they provide something useful to do in their ui and not just…

  • Quote from efyzz: “ Then I tried to edit the OMV config.xml. I copied the <mntent> sections from a working system and then did a [i]omv-mkconf fstab. The mounts are then shown in fstab, but this also didn't work. I see the folders in /media, but they are empty. Which files have to be edited, to get the drives mounted? Thank you all! ” you need to actually make the mountpoint folders, then finally reboot, or run mount -a

  • The motherboard you need to buy also needs support for ecc ram, consider that, not just the cpu

  • Known problem. It has been discussed recently at the forum. Ipv6 is the current syntax to use but varies across old nginx versions. When this was changed some users reported broken websites so it was reverted. You have maintain manually your reverse proxies.

  • I believe you need to use the ipv6 syntax for listen directive. I have several lan hosts using port 80 without issues.

  • This gets worst when using USB disks during a data transfer (rsync), i've tested this in rock board in my backup server. The command smartctl -x (extended information) takes too much time. @votdev could it be possible that the smart information retrieved (that is then cached for the info windows) to use smartctl -a instead of -x, then the extended information tab will have to show information using a different method (or same one with different parameter) that will take some time to load obvious…

  • Omv ui for example runs through a php sock as root for obvious reasons. Depends if what you want the application to do. You’re asking me where a configuration file of a software you downloaded is in your server? How can I know that? If you selected a shared folder as root folder for nginx then that folder should be either at /srv/ where all disks are mounted or at /sharedfolders/sharedfoldername Both locations can be accessed through ssh as there is no built in file explorer. You can also use th…

  • You can choose any user. But be aware actiona the software might do will be limited to that unprivileged user. The config.php error is part of the software you should read about in their documentation, is probably permission issue.

  • Not really. I don’t have time now I am into other projects also. But is never to late to learn. I don’t have an ups so I don’t use nut. Pretty sure other users can help you here that are more familiar with nut scripting actions.

  • Quote from gderf: “Tell me more about buying Plex Pass one month at a time. Do you to have to have paid for Plex Pass to upload to your phone or is is also needed to play back that synced content too? ” You subscribe to the monthly option, then cancel it. I am not sure if the synced content will become unavailable after plex pass month has expired. You can give it a try.

  • Quote from fullerms: “Quote from ryecoaaron: “Sounds like they are trying to mount during boot but a service necessary to mount them has not started yet. Hard to say what it is though. ” @ryecoaaron, thanks for that. This has resulted in a very unreliable setup, what are my options to fix this? ” I would consider going back to the original firmware. Does the original fw provides ssh access? If yes then you should consider to script the actions from qnap ups software when power goes off, like ssh…

  • For arm board I mean to be used as clients for reproducing 4k content. I have one s905x and one s905w both of them do 4k without issue. the only think I like from plex is the plex pass option to take content offline for mobile devices, works pretty good. When I am doing traveling I pay one month just to access this feature only, the rest of the time plex stands idle (database gets fatter only) as I use kodi, and lately Netflix. But then if you use plex all the time and is always transcoding then…

  • Maybe the cpu strength is too much, you’re thinking of plex. These days there are plenty of arm sbc that are capable of 4k reproduction, think amlogic s905x and rock chip both of them have plenty of support using libreelec, and there are more chips to come. If you take plex out of the equation maybe think of a more energy efficient cpu (less money) maybe put that money in more ram or storage.

  • It could be possible that you did not configure a php-fpm pool at all? did you select none when you selected php?

  • The php socket is not configured properly that’s why is failing to start. Does the Omv webui still works ? Can you post the screenshot of the php pool configuration ?