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  • Help to choose the right disk configuration

    marco88 - - RAID


    Thank you very much macom, you give me another way and point of view. So in my case, the 2 disk of 4 TB can be used not for raid 1, but maybe for another thing. I need to test BTRFS for undestand if is relyable and i can use for backups and restore. is possible to make something in OMV to sleep a disk and power on only when someone try to access from network share (use of the disk)? Thanks

  • Hi to all, i'm new of OMV and after read some things in forum .... i'm more confused . All is born from my old wanted to made experiment ...and new photos' bonus of 100 gb finished So, i bought all for create an home NAS box that can be energy saver and have things for backup important things (an other stuff like DLNA, etc). So, i had (before read here), clear idea of my configuration for storage: 1 ssd for OS, 1 normal disk for home share folder (temporary things, downloads, et…