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  • Try a different power supply? Maybe the voltage is dropping too much at higher bandwidth? Try different sata cards? Maybe the driver is having issues at higher bandwidth?

  • I guess not. Most people aren't too concerned with the temps on an RPi. The sensors plugin author hasn't worked on the plugin much let alone add support for arm boards.

  • Quote from MorgothQ: “So, if I wait, it should clear up on it's own? ” I'm not currently seeing this problem. Quote from MorgothQ: “I'm seeing the same error on GitHub as well. Has it been a recurring error over there too? ” No because github doesn't generate the file. Bintray does.

  • Quote from SteveMann: “what's the process to un-raid my disks and reuse them individually? ” Wipe them in the physical disks tab and format them in the filesystems tab.

  • Quote from SteveMann: “dpkg -l | grep firmware returns- nothing. Without the grep, there are pages of data. What in particular were you looking for? ” That means there are no firmware packages installed. Removing the grep shows every package installed on the system. Trying installing the firmware-realtek package - apt-get install firmware-realtek

  • raid 5 with 2 disks possible?

    ryecoaaron - - RAID


    Quote from filledk: “i dunno what SnapRaid is, is it for taking a backup of say Raid 0 or Raid 5 ? or is it like its own Raid-system ??? ” snapraid is a lot like raid 5 but doesn't run in real time. You schedule the sync. If you have data that doesn't change often, this is perfect. It also has the advantage (disadvantage for speed) that all drives don't spin up to access a file. Quote from filledk: “litterely never heard about "unionfilesystem" can you explain like what this does? ” It pools the…

  • No strikethrough. I did update to fix your OCD

  • raid 5 with 2 disks possible?

    ryecoaaron - - RAID


    Quote from filledk: “can I raid 5 2 disks and extend it with more disks in a few weeks ” Not from the web interface and it is a bad idea anyway since you would lose all data if one disk failed. Quote from filledk: “also: what other RAID method do OMV support? ” Why raid? It isn't backup. If you are just looking to pool the drives, the unionfilesystem plugin will do that. Once you have 3+ drives, then you could snapraid for redundancy and bit rot protection. Quote from filledk: “can I simply move…

  • Quote from SteveMann: “Is there a way to find what is handled in "module r8169" or if it's a feature that I will regret not having? ” What is the output of: dpkg -l | grep firmware Quote from SteveMann: “Am I correct that the SMART error is what triggered the resynch? ” Probably. Are you sure you really need raid? It isn't backup. Quote from SteveMann: “For background, I am currently using OMV3 on a Raspberry Pi3, but it is so slow.... And I had an HP-PC doing nothing, so I decided to use the PC…

  • apt-get purge linux-image-4.13.0-0.bpo.1-amd64 linux-image-4.15.0-0.bpo.2-amd64 Just be careful it doesn't remove any packages you want to keep.

  • Quote from Pixelized: “Still have the headers and the image installed. ” Not sure what that means. Any reason you didn't post the output?

  • Quote from Pixelized: “Can't you point me to some kind of guide to rollback? ” The 4.14 kernel is probably still installed. You just need to remove the 4.15 kernel. What is the output of: dpkg -l | grep linux-

  • Assuming you are on OMV 4.x... Yep, there is another thread about this. The current versions of virtualbox in the repo don't compile with the 4.15 kernel. 5.2.8 works on OMV 4.x and works with the 4.15 kernel but it requires some changes to the plugin and phpvirtualbox. This breaks other systems. I haven't decided what to do yet. Until then, go back to the 4.14 kernel.

  • Quote from SteveMann: “BTW, I am running Debian GNU/Linux 9.4 (stretch), so should I change "squeeze" to "stretch" in the sources.list line? ” Just add non-free to the end of the line for your current repo in /etc/apt/sources.list. No need to add another line. And it should definitely be stretch.

  • Quote from MorgothQ: “Following an upgrade to 4.x last night I'm now getting the following error when I run ” This is a bintray issue that happens from time to time. No idea what causes. I have email their support before but don't get a lot since this is a free service.

  • Install on Deb 9

    ryecoaaron - - Guides


    You don't need to create any scripts. The "shell scripts" in that post are for formatting. You just need to cut and paste the commands.

  • Can't Connect to shares in Windows

    ryecoaaron - - General


    He was telling you to force smb2 on the OMV (extra options box in the smb plugin). min protocol = SMB2 max protocol = SMB2 (optional and probably don't want to do if you have win10 clients ever). and disable smb1 on the Windows side. If none of that works, putting ntlm auth = yes in the extra options box would make it survive changes...

  • Quote from Teeminus: “Why does the ZFS pool has to be present at boot time? ” It doesn't have to be for the plugin but it they are never found at all, that is a problem. Someone shouldn't have to manually import pools after a reboot. Quote from Teeminus: “Wouldn't it be sufficient to poll the pools/check for the available pools every time the device list is requested? ” Yuck. The filesystems tab updates every few seconds. If you have a lot of pools/filesystems/snapshots, it would take forever. P…

  • Abandoned plugins

    ryecoaaron - - Plugins


    Quote from TechnoDadLife: “Is there a guide to making plugins? I'd like to try to make some. ” I would also look at the source of other plugins: And I will have you added to the dev forum.

  • Quote from starion: “So is there any hope of restoring the settings from the OMV Backup plugin? ” Yes but it isn't easy which is time consuming.