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  • Thanx for your fast response and recommendation. I tried "apt-get upgrade" and it works. But there is a warning in between: WARNUNG: Die folgenden Pakete können nicht authentifiziert werden! openmediavault-omvextrasorg (WARNING: The following Package could not be authenticated!) which I ignored.

  • When trying to upgrade openmediavault-omvextrasorg 2.13.9 with the update Manager I get lots of log-entries in the log-window: >>> *********** Error *********** Failed to decode content (filename=/tmp/bgstatustJTgx1): >>> *********** Error *********** Is there anyone who can tell me what this message means?

  • rsync from OMV to Hidrive (Strato)

    wolfd - - RSync


    I want to sync data between OMV as source and Hidrive (Provider is Strato) as destination. It works fine with the command line: root@omv:~# rsync -rltDvz /media/cc606d61-fdf2-470e-9db7-3bd360798069/Dokumente/PowerShell »user«»user«/Dokumente/ (where »user« is a replacement for the real name). The result ist: »user«'s password: sending incremental file list PowerShell/ PowerShell/Set ExecPolicy.ps1 PowerShell/Verzeichnis.ps1 PowerShell/syn…