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  • Hello, I have OMV 4.1.6 builded on FSC Esprimo mini PC and it worked well. I turned it off for week or so and now when booting I have such error: Source Code (1 line) and later RPC bind portmap and SMB Daemon failed to start. When booting sequence is finish and I have log in screen I can't log in. I enter password for root (right one ) and after few seconds I am back on log in screen. In recovery mode I have the same situation. Can anyone help me?

  • It took me a moment, but I found a solution I tried with few computers and as I wrote previously I didn't have problem with Linux, I checked that Android devices also works. Problem was with my Windows 10 PC. Meantime I connected to OMV with two other Windows 10 laptops ... and they worked. So I waited for Windows 10 April 2018 Update hoping that it would fix the problem. But it doesn't. So I started looking for solution one more time... First of all I found that my PC is with Windows 10 Pro, re…

  • Quote from macom: “Have you checked the points mentioned here? Windows shares / samba Trouble shooting ” Yes I checked this ... for sure problem is with computer not with OMV. I can login via FTP, can't via NFS

  • Quote from votdev: “Maybe this helps:…entials-without-rebooting ” I did it before I post it. I didn't help. @richprim: on second pc I have disabled SMB1 and it works...

  • Hello, I installed my first OMV and I made one share folder for SAMBA. I tested this on two PC (both dual boot with Windows 10 and Antergos Linux) and on one of them in Windows 10 I can't connect. It's asks me about user and password, but password is always wrong and I am not logged in. What's wrong? What can I check to fix it? If it helps I have disabled SMB1 protocol on both Windows machines and I would like to keep it Thanks

  • Thanks for suggestions. Finally I decided to build two NASes. One is build on Fujitsu Esprimo Q5030 which I bought for ca. 45 EUR and another one will be build on Orange Pi Zero Plus with NAS expansion board which I already ordered on Aliexpress. I will compare how they work when parcel will arrive

  • Hello, I would like to build my first NAS It should be one drive NAS with full disk encryption (disk size: 2TB) and quite compact physical size. I want to use OMV to do this and I plan to boot OMV from flash USB or micro SD card and hard drive will be for data. The problem is that I stucked with decision which hardware to use. Because NAS wouldn't be used a lot (2 - 3 devices and not in the same time) and I my budget is limited I consider to buy second-hand terminal: HP T5470 / HP T610 / Dell FX…