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  • Quote from Phil: “I've created a RAID Mirror with 2 x 4TB disks and it's populated with data. I would now like to expand this mirror by adding another 2 x 3TB disks ” mdadm Raid always use amount of space on each disk equal to the size of the smallest disk. Because you created it with 4TB disks, that is the smallest disk allowed. If you would have started with the 3TB disks, you could add 4TB disks but it would only use 3TB worth of space. Either way, ask yourself why are you using raid anyway? …

  • Try the following: apt-get purge openmediavault-remotedesktop apt-get -f install

  • Quote from donh: “I think qemu-guest-agent is in the kernel so no install would be needed. ” The drivers are in the kernel but the agent package installs the agent service which is necessary for quite a few things: - querying and setting guest system time - performing guest filesystem sync operation - initiating guest shutdown or suspend to ram - accessing guest files - freezing/thawing guest filesystem operations - others That said, I'm not sure if it is needed for balloon features. I have a pr…

  • - We don't recommend upgrading 2 -> 3 - you should have fixed 3.x before upgrading to 4.x. - You should have taken a backup of the system before the upgrade - if you install fresh, you won't lose data but you will have to setup everything again What is the output of: dpkg -l | grep openm

  • MiniDLNA plugin doesn't start

    ryecoaaron - - Plugins


    Does this help?…7/libmmal-core-so-missing

  • Sounds like a DNS issue. The plugin uses the command nast -m to populate the list.

  • What kind of system? arm?

  • VirtualBox does not work anymore

    ryecoaaron - - Plugins


    Quote from Mr Smile: “Would you please have a look on it? ” I'm about done working on the virtualbox plugin... All of these problems don't make any sense to me. Quote from Mr Smile: “But if Virtualbox plugin doesn't work without backports, I have to leave it on. ” No you don't. Enable backports and install the plugin. Then disable backports.

  • I'm really beginning to hate this plugin again.... It is working on my test VM. And the advanced options checkbox doesn't affect the nginx or phpfpm configs at all. I'm not even sure what it does but it shouldn't cause a bad gateway. Is nginx running?

  • Do you have qemu-guest-agent installed and enabled?

  • Quote from alocam: “Do you know whether I should install and configure NUT instead of using the plugin? ” This has been requested before but still not implemented. So, I would either configure nut without the plugin or submit a pull request adding the functionality.

  • Downloader plugin

    ryecoaaron - - Updates/Upgrades


    I use the plugin often and have never had an issue with advertisements.

  • Manual for upgrade

    ryecoaaron - - Updates/Upgrades


    Quote from peekaa: “So my question is, how to recover, when I use backup plugin? ” If the thread you linked to doesn't help then you should use Clonezilla as backup instead. I made changes to the 4.x version of the backup plugin that would change that but you don't have those options in 3.x.

  • Quote from PepeOMV: “but how would I convince OMV system to do so during booting? Can't I repair from root cli so I don't need a systemrescue cd or USB stick? ” Doesn't your grub menu have a rescue entry?

  • Quote from alocam: “Perhaps a running process, mounted filesystem or active volume group? It looks like I cannot stop RAID in order to attempt mdadm --assemble. Do you think it is a good idea to try to reassemble the array? If so, is there a way to kill the offending process so that I can run the assemble instruction? Any other suggestions? I am a bit lost here, and I have been struggling for a couple of days now. ” Boot systemrescuecd and re-assemble it there.

  • Quote from PepeOMV: “/srv/dev-disk-by-label-StorageRaid5 couldn't be found on /dev/md0 Raid ” For some reason, the mount point doesn't exist. Boot a rescue cd and make the mountpoint. Quote from PepeOMV: “is preventing the system to boot to webGUI and restrict SSH access too? ” If the system doesn't boot completely, the web interface and ssh will never start. Quote from PepeOMV: “Shouldn't OMV system be unaffected to be able to debug? ” This has nothing to do with OMV. This is a Linux situation.…

  • Quote from PepeOMV: “mdstat shows all 3 Raided Disks in md0 and active so looks ok. blkid shows sda, sdb and sde (the md0 ext 4 RAID5) and the two sdc1 and sdd1 - those two are my UFS drives. sdc1 and sdd1 have exactly the same entries and numbers for LABEL, UUID, TYPE and PARTUUID but apart from that nothing obviously wroong points to my eye.... fdisk though showed something: on sdb and sdc it says Backup GPT table is corrupt, but the primary seems OK, so that will be used. Does this point some…

  • Quote from PepeOMV: “But as I want to hotplug this drive (I do not want to leave it connected all the time for good reason but store it away in another place), how can it be unplugged? ” The drive used in with usbbackup plugin as a target is never mounted in the Filesystems tab and would never be referenced. Therefore, it does not have an entry in fstab and shouldn't cause boot problems. If the usb disk had the same label as a disk permanently mounted in the OMV box, you might have issues. Quote…

  • Suggested File Manager

    ryecoaaron - - Plugins


    Quote from ebretteville: “Maybe it can be added to omv ” Personally, I stopped writing plugins that are just browser code (or cgi in this case). You can add it with the nginx plugin. The only file browser that should be added to OMV as a core feature or plugin should be something written with extjs that is integrated in the OMV web interface (using an iframe doesn't count either).

  • omv 4?

    ryecoaaron - - General


    Regular support for Debian 8 (OMV 3.x) is ending in less than a month (2018.06.17) - link. While there are still some packages supported, it is a reduced set. OMV 3.x is also EOL'd. This should be good motivation to move to OMV 4.x.