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    Quote from tkaiser: “Quote from Ninja_Slayer: “OMV on my odroid c2 ” With an older image there was a problem when the router / DHCP server was IPv6 capable. I thought that we'd fixed this on latest image but at least this would be worth a look and try. In case your router also takes care of IPv6 try to temporarely disable this, burn image again, boot and see what happens. OMV will reboot itself one time automatically and this IPv6 bug led to no network after reboot due to screwed up /etc/network…

  • I installed OMV on my odroid c2 from the Sourceforge page. I used etcher to write it to the emmc that I got with my odroid. When I plug everything in and start it, it works just fine and I can access it from my browser. After about 5 minutes though, It loses connection and I can no longer connect to it. I looked on the router's page and it's not connected to the network. Un-plugging it and plugging it back in does not work and redoing the emmc does the exact same thing, it works for about 5 minu…