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  • Docker installation error

    raulfg3 - - Plugins


    not intel or compatible x64 CPU.

  • I suggest Pihole and MLDonkey to start, are easy to configure and to understand, in my signature you can see the howto ( not video , but useful too).

  • is not well configured. you need to understand how dockers work. eg: path can't be read only mode, Variables must be defined, local config must reside in your HD, etc. Please go to Installation and Setup Videos - Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced and practice a bit with other dockers to understand. once this works, you can easy start motioneye by yourself.

  • instal php-curl first to resolve dependencies.

  • Quote from advapi: “I think I'm unlucky with latest omv 4.0! I've got issue with almost everything but I'm confident with your support I'll succeded in! I'm trying to install jdownloader I've dowloaded the docker and running it as docker jd2 it start but I'm unable to see the gui. But before that point I've got another one...I've enabled docker CE inside OMV extras but I don't see any docker this normal? Thanks ” No. Please have a look a very good video tutorials from TecchnoDadLife

  • Quote from Einsam_Kt: “ 1st: I enabled the port forward on my router for the port "2000" and confirmed it was open. 2nd: I set this port on the transmission plugin 3rd: I create an account and host on NO-IP and set my router to automatically update the IP on it So I tried to access it on my browser using "NO-IPHost:trasmissionport" but I'm yet unable to connect, the browser just shows the message: "The connection was reset The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading." There…

  • please read problem nº 5: Solutions to common problems

  • this is the exact error you have: Source Code (4 lines)But I agre with gderf: it's easy to mantain and to configure to install into a docker, please see my signature to see videos about how to install.

  • please clear chrome cache, looks like a chrome cache problem.

  • Docker installation error

    raulfg3 - - Plugins

    Post…ert-series-ex2-ultra.html use marwell armada CPU

  • Docker installation error

    raulfg3 - - Plugins


    perhaps need to install docker-ce and not docker?

  • sorry, no direct answer to your question, but , do you consider to use jdonwloader2 in a docker?. <- Works very fine for me.

  • Teamviewer host not changing password

    raulfg3 - - Plugins


    sorry but this fix do not work to fix the original problem described on this thread (only the latest described bym1l0), on some machines team viewer need a monitor to shown ID. eg:

  • Files by samba very slow

    raulfg3 - - Network


    Please read FAQ: nº 5 is what you need to see: Solutions to common problems

  • no, you cant test it doing any changes to your container, eg: add a new opt that do nothing eg: TZ=/Europe/Berlin. PD: To do changes in your running dock use the modify button.

  • you need to add a /config bind to your OS so changes are NOT lost on reboot of the container, is very well explained here in the first post:…ic-NZBGet-ruTorrent-Sona/…ic-NZBGet-ruTorrent-Sona/

  • very simple, you need to use desired port outside the docker and 80 inside the docker like is explained in all linuxserver guides in the PARAMETERS section:…17b56cc1afff7bdf465fb2d60 eg: in your case - p 85:80 so you can connect to nextcloud using port 85 from outside the docker and connect to port 80 inside the docker like nextcloud expect.

  • Quote from Mr Smile: “I already asked this in another thread but then the discussion drifted away. So I think I should start a new thread: I installed Watchtower like described in this video:…?postID=177009#post177009 It works but per default it leaves the old Images in list. mentions some options, for example --cleanup (for removing old images after updating). I tried to put it into "Extra Arguments" field right in front or behin…

  • miniDLNA not showing all media files

    raulfg3 - - General


    Rescan button must do the same (rebuilt the DB).…17b56cc1afff7bdf465fb2d60

  • yes, you can upgrade. it's not risky, only be sure that do not need to mount the pool in other O.S. that do not support the upgrade. EG: BSD