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  • Quote from dethegeek: “Hi LDAP being very verbose, maybe you may workaround by using an other backend in samba. I suggest you try RID (without using LDAP plugin). However the UID and GID of your users may change after this setup. I strongly advice you to create a clean…” Hi Dethegeek, When you said "RID", do you mean to another method of authentication against LDAP? Do you have a guide for RID and LDAP integration?

  • Quote from subzero79: “How many users are in the LDAP server?” more then 1000 users.. I've made an addional change of increasing timeout in the nginx to 480s and currently I get the following error: 3283-Untitled-png I know that I have many users and maybe too much, but there is an option to change Base DN to specific OU? I already tried to change the Base DN in LDAP plugin to a small OU but the results didn't changed.

  • Hi all, After a work of almost a week on ldap plugin integration, I can get all the users that belong to my domain by typing "getent passwd" but the problem is that I get the following error when I'm trying to open "ACL" in "Shared folder" tab. Screenshot attached: 3282-Untitled-png My configuration is: /etc/samba/smb.conf Source Code (58 lines) /etc/krb5.conf Source Code (129 lines) /usr/share/openmediavault/mkconf/nsswitch Shell-Script (50 lines) /etc/nsswitch.conf Source Code (13 lines) As I …