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  • When I try to install OpenMediaVault-Extras 0.6.4 through plugins I get this ... Looks installed but icon not showing up due to the errors. On Backports Kernel. Can someone post the command for wiping all traces of zfs in order to redo this process. Reading package lists... Building dependency tree... Reading state information... The following NEW packages will be installed: openmediavault-zfs 0 upgraded, 1 newly installed, 0 to remove and 38 not upgraded. Need to get 0 B/54.5 kB of archives. Af…

  • Hardware requirements for ZFS 2

    Xplic1T - - RAID


    2 let alone 3 bitflips in succession... what are the odds ?

  • Wondering what precautions I should take just in-case my OMV usb flash drive dies. Also, is encryption possible so that a cypher can be generated and used to gain access to raid group in OMV ? Will encyrpted raid group be lost if I use a flash drive that was made long ago ? Also, can I boot a Windows 8.1 flash if need be and still be able to read local raid group ? Sorry for the questions but OMV IS AMAZING !!

  • My first NAS build ... I'm a Hitachi/Netapp guy at work but this is for myself. 6 x 5 tb WD Green HDDs (I know ... was hoping they would be reds ...) 4 x 4 gb Kingston KVR16E11S8/4KF Server Memory - Unbuffered ECC Intel Core i3 procesor ASRock Mini ITX Server Motherboard MT-C224 Corsair CX 460 Gold Rated PSU Want ZFS Raid-5 2 Questions ... I just tried installing OMV on a 2gb flash drive. I wrote the 2.1 amd64 img using UNETBOOTIN and installed on another flash drive (500mb - which the bios saw …