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  • Quote from dhanushkak: “I was referring on the steps to restore the back up from the point of starting up a new omv system ” If you use the fsarchiver method on the latest backup plugin, here is how you restore - How to restore from an omv-backup? This just won't work with an rpi. You would need another system with access to the backup file.

  • RAID5 missing

    ryecoaaron - - RAID


    It definitely isn't just about speed. Raid redundancy makes no sense with a device that has no redundancy in it. Quote from mediagiant: “Any thoughts on how I can put these drives to better use while not spending a ton of money on a pricey enclosure? I guess I could RSync from one to another for backup, but that still leaves two drives unused. ” No idea what you are using it for but you could pool the drives with the unionfilesystem plugin. Create two pools and rsnapshot one pool to the other.

  • Quote from dhanushkak: “It did not show a method, just asked where I want to save the backup. Please see the screenshot. ” Then you were using the old version of the backup plugin. It is difficult to restore. Quote from dhanushkak: “Actually I made the backup because there were signs of issues with the SD card. ” If you were seeing signs before the backup, those problems are most likely replicated to your backup. I would not use the backup. Quote from dhanushkak: “So would appreciate steps from …

  • Quote from dhanushkak: “I took a backup from the plugin in omv-extras. ” Using which method? Quote from dhanushkak: “But I'm not sure how to restore it. The back it did looks like a copy of the folders in the OS. ” If it crashed the next day, some of the files still may have been corrupt during the backup.

  • Quote from hoppel118: “But maybe the proxmox kernel 4.15 holds the most relevant changes I need. ” Because it is the Ubuntu 18 LTS kernel, it might have the changes backported to it.

  • In your dpkg output, where is omv-extras? You need to be running the latest version of omv-extras as well. It shouldn't be looking for /usr/share/openmediavault/mkconf/omvextrasorg anymore (replaced with just omvextras).

  • Quote from vcdwelt: “Which is the best way to backup my OMV Installation? ” Install the backup plugin and choose the fsarchiver option. You can restore using this post - How to restore from an omv-backup?

  • Quote from sam_scade: “but they are invisible in Access Rights Management/Shared Folders ?? Why ? ” By invisible, do you mean they don't show up as a device? Are the nfs shares nfsv4? Did you verify they are actually mounted with the mount command?

  • Quote from hoppel118: “Is here anybody using kernel 4.17 in combination with zfs? Any problems? ” It seems to work fine on my test system but that isn't really the best use case. I still think the proxmox kernel is probably the best option if you use zfs.

  • While I'm not used to the tapatalk experience, I use notifications and the unread posts link. Notifications work ok for me. I think the unread posts link is only usable if you visit the forum multiple times per day without notification.

  • Missing RAID1 and missing MDADM

    ryecoaaron - - RAID


    The package is there. Did you try the command with sudo or as the root user?

  • Quote from mattejacob: “just that the developers of the Plex plugin are a little behind ” Yep, the developer (me) of the plex plugin just said to not use the plugin I don't use or like plex and it changes too often to keep up with. And not using it makes it very difficult to know why some things break. Many people are using plex in a docker now. It seems odd that you couldn't use lifetime pass in a docker since the important files are stored in persistent storage.

  • What exactly does OMV do for Raid?

    ryecoaaron - - Plugins


    Quote from vendo23: “Could someone explain to me exactly what OMV is natively implementing as it's Raid? ” If you use the "Raid Management" tab, it uses mdadm raid. If you use the zfs plugin, then you can use zfs for your raid array. You can also create a btrfs array from the command line and mount it in the filesystems tab (no way to create the array from the web interface). Many people also pool their drives with the unionfilesystems plugin (mergerfs) and then use snapraid for redundancy/bit-r…

  • migration OMV 2.x to omv 4.x

    ryecoaaron - - General


    Quote from johnblade: “I think, if I try wipefs -a, I should format my disk, I don't know if I have another solution ? ” wipefs -a will wipe everything. I think you can do wipefs -o 0xe8e0c3fc00 /dev/sdc but I would make sure to have a backup.

  • And this is why I keep telling people to stop using the plugin in favor of docker. I guess if I remove the plugin from the repo...

  • iscsi target doesn't work on newer (4.2+) kernels. Not much you can do to fix this.

  • 4.0.2 in the repo now. Hopefully it fixes the problem.

  • Shit. That is a different format than I was expecting as well. How about: findmnt /

  • I guess I can't go with the easy solution. How about cat /proc/cmdline

  • Quote from cocoflan: “Maybe there is someone who can make a plugin from create_ap, i autorun it with systemctl and a config file with my settings, works great. Would be nice if that could be done. ” I'm about the only one who writes plugins anymore and I would not be the right person to write this plugin. That is why I was hoping you would interesting in working on the hostapd plugin.