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  • Hi, any news on this? I have the same problem. Dashboard shows green lights, but openvpn is not running. I installed and configured the openvpn plugin the same way as in OMV3. Any help would be greatly appreciated. p.parker dashboard-omv4.png.html openvpn-plugin-omv4.png.html Source Code (3 lines)

  • Quote from Mr.Grape: “... What versions of the JMS578 firmware do you have in your HC1? ” Its v173.1.0.1, but I dont recall that I had problems with the original firmware version. I just did the update because it was recommended. p.parker

  • Hi, its very likely, that the solution to your problem is explained here or here. I had the same issue with another media player myself. p.parker

  • Quote from tkaiser: “Quote from peterparker: “In this thread is a fix for odroid (possibly for other single board computers) ” This is not a 'fix' since those predictable en... names are neither a problem nor a bug but a solution for a long standing problem with the stupid/primitive/anachronistic interface names like eth0 (exchange position of PCIe cards and the naming of your network interfaces changes!) ” uhhh. ok. then I will apologize for my " stupid/primitive/anachronistic" link. I really s…

  • Quote from jata1: “...I think the long name for eth0 is by design? ” Hi, regarding to my good friend google your right. its a "feature" named "consistent network device naming". Here's a thread with some Info. In this thread is a fix for odroid (possibly for other single board computers). Source Code (2 lines) maybe this will help... p.parker

  • Hi, did some testing with the OMV 4.1.7 image for the Odroid HC1 ("OMV_4_Odroid_XU4_HC1_HC2.img.xz"). I had to roll back to 3.0.99 because of some problems. I'm not an Linux/Debian expert, so maybe ive just made a mistake. Here are my findings after the initial boot with a newly flashed sd-card: 1.) The ethernet adapter has a very strange name "enx001122334455" where "001122334455" is the MAC-address of the adapter. In the old build (3.0.99) it was just the usual "eth0". 2.) I wasnt able to add …

  • SMB1 & Zappiti.

    peterparker - - CIFS/SMB


    Quote from botteur: “it doesn't work either and apparently they don't plan to do an update to solve this problem there ” Hi botteur, I had a similar problem with my Dune TV303D mediaplayer after upgrading to OVM 4. I found out that the problem wasnt the SMB1 (NT1) protocol itself, but the authentication method my mediplayer used (NTLMv1). As far as I have understood, this method was switched off for security reasons with the current version of the samba service (4.5.12). I solved the problem by …