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  • Hi, as a short response: The OMV 4.x installation worked for me now without any problems. Also the GRUB boot loader was installed successfully. Thanks once again and kind regards, Felix

  • Hi, thanks for your responses! I'll try again to install OMV 4 - probably it earlier didn't work because I had the wrong boot order (I had equal problems with OMV 3 until I changed the order). If this shouldn't work, I'll install Debian 9 and follow the instructions for installing OMV manually. I won't get to try it before Thursday... Thanks and kind regards, Felix

  • Hi all, I'm trying to install Open Media Vault in version 3.0.94 from a CD on my Dell PowerEdge T30. First of all I unplugged all internal and external storage devices except my cd drive and my m.2/PCIe Samsung EVO 960 SSD. The SSD is completely new, no other / further installations. The latest OMV 4 version didn't start installing at all / was not recognized. The installation runs until I get the error message "An installation step failed [...] The failing step is: Install the GRUB boot loader …