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  • My ASRock C2550D4I died (seems common) and therefore I bought the Supermicro A2SDi-4C-HLN4F. On the old system I had OMV 3 installed and now I like to install a fresh OMV 4. Boot type: Legacy When I set the boot type to legacy in the BIOS (is not the standard setting) then the USB stick and the virtual media from IMPI are not recognized. I actually see no device to select when I choose “enter boot menu” during booting. Boot type: UEFI When I set the boot type to UEFI in the BIOS (standard settin…

  • Did you change something in the network settings? I had the same issue when I was bonding my two Ethernet adapters together. When I deleted the bond and switched back to a single Ethernet setup I was back to 100 MB/s.

  • Fun information: Move now completed and snapraid diff results looks like this: 625 equal 0 added 197 removed 0 updated 74 moved 197 copied 0 restored The "74 moved" were from the first command which "broke" the system (=> full OS disk). Second move command is recognized as copied and removed.

  • Ok thank you.

  • you mean these, or? Source Code (4 lines)

  • I started now this command: mv /srv/0b5379ae-d1cb-46a6-abf1-f79b680e4d2d/Videos/* /srv/0b5379ae-d1cb-46a6-abf1-f79b680e4d2d/Media/Videos/ What I don't understand is that the command is still running. It seems the system is copying the data and then deleting it. In windows I am used to it that as long as the data remains on the same disk, only the pointer is changed. Does that mean that mergerfs can't handle "move" commands the same way and it is actually copying/deleting the data between disks?

  • Hmmm strang thing is that I also have data in: /srv/0b5379ae-d1cb-46a6-abf1-f79b680e4d2d/Media/Videos so the move command did move something to the correct folder but also to /Media/Vidoes I guess I will use the complete path information in the future.

  • I solved it myself. The command I used was mv Videos /Media which copied everything to the root Media folder and not to /srv/0b5379ae-d1cb-46a6-abf1-f79b680e4d2d/Media as I intended. P.S.: I was in the /srv/ob53... folder

  • Dear community, I am using OMV 3 with SnapRAID and Union filesystem (mergerfs). Everything was working fine. I used the command mv folder 1 folder 2 in the folder /srv/0b5379ae-d1cb-46a6-abf1-f79b680e4d2d After a couple of minutes I got the error that the destination is full. I liked to check what's going on in the WebGUI but I couldn't login anymore. In an other post I read that i have to check the root disk with df -h and yes my root disk is full: Source Code (12 lines) With google I can help …