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  • Do you advise me to use winbind instead of sssd?

  • Quote from donh: “Try the script in this thread.…Directory-LDAP-Revisited/ What version of ad server? ” Active Directory is managed by a Samba 4.6.7-Ubuntu.

  • Quote from donh: “What version of omv? Can you connect from machines other than win 10? ” OpenMediaVault 4.1.6. No, I cannot connect from any client.

  • Quote from donh: “Your user id 1616401116:1616400513 is out of the range of login.defs. You need to edit /etc/login.defs from 60000 to something like UID_MAX 33554431 and for gid. ” I already changed this into /etc/login.defs: Source Code (2 lines)

  • Hi, I installed a new OpenMediaVault system and I joined it into an Active Directory domain (managed by Samba 4 installed on another server) following the guide at Guide how to join OpenMediaVault 3.x in an Active Directory domain. It worked good and I can browse my AD users in the OVM web interface and in the console: Source Code (2 lines) I correctly see the OVM system listed into the computers in the AD domain. I configured and activated Samba adding the extra options: Source Code (13 lines) …

  • Hi. I am deploying a new OpenMediaVault system. I created a new shared folder and a new SMB/CIFS share for it. I setup the shared folder ACL as following: - Owner: root (Read/Write/Execute) - Group: users (None) - Others (None)…cdeb7b0cbcffa91d234030f5c This is an administration share which should be accessible only from the administrator users. The group "Domain Admins" has Read/Write permission into User/Group permissions part of the ACL dialog box. I can access …