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  • Hi tkaiser Yes, my 'df -h' looks similar to yours. Researching 'folder2ram" I see that it was created for Openmediavault. Was this to cover shortcomings of log2ram? Just attempting to understand. And to clarify, we should disable 'log2ram' within openmediavault? Thanks Peter

  • Hi I'm experiencing this too on my XU4, but instead of deleting the cronjob, I created the directory. The "write" function works without complaint, and the directory fills with appropriate files. However tkaiser, can you explain your rationale for removing the function, please? Thanks Peter

  • acpid

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    I have noticed that every time the Power Management, Power Button option is changed and saved, the acpid stops but does not restart. Starting the service manually at the command line with "service acpid start", starts the daemon, reading in the OMV updated configs correctly. I saw that another member in the forum experienced something similar that by restarting his NAS completely activated the new config for the power button. Please revise the code to ensure the acpid daemon does actually restar…

  • Hi, i start the machine up from cold. Confirm only one instance of asd is running, edit asd config in omv, save, confirm save. There are now 2 PIDs of asd running on server. Hope this helps. Thanks.

  • Re: hibernate

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    Thanks guys- things I'm going to do to narrow the problem is whether it's hardware brand related. Lenovo can be a bit quirky- eg; "beep" works on my HP 7800 but not the Lenovo. So will take an image of the Lenovo OMV to the HP 7800. Next, I fear, is that I'll need to learn everything there is to know about pm-utils.... Peter

  • hibernate

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    I have issues using the "Hibernate" shutdown on OMV 0.5.42 with 0.5.19 ASD script . The full "Shutdown" works great, but liking the benefits of "Hibernate", I have this problem: it wont hibernate. When the machine "Hibernates", either through the ASD script or using pm-hibernate from the cli, the server goes through the motions of hibernation, writes to the HDD, switches the machine off, then a second later restarts. I'm logging the issue here as it may be WOL related (which works perfectly when…

  • 2&3, with further testing, have narrowed that the extra instances of the asd script start up each time the asd config is saved in omv. The chmod -x made no difference. A return from hibernate does not add extra instances of asd. Thx.

  • Hi- am using ASD 0.5.19. That is the latest script, right? 1. Reading the Technet, Windows seems to have greater granular control over Hibernate than Linux. My Lenovo M59 USFF BIOS only has a single setting for WOL. WOL works just fine. However, rechecking BIOS, disabling other PCI devices from having the ability to wake machine made no difference. 2 & 3, A full shutdown fully resets the server. The multiple ASD procs accumulate only after a return from Hibernate. Thanks P.

  • Hi I have 3 issues with 0.5.19 ASD script using the "Hibernate" shutdown on OMV 0.5.42. The "Shutdown" works great, but I like the performance bonus of Hibernate except for these three (hopefully minor) issues. 1. When the machine "Hibernates", it immediately restarts. The machine shutsdown completely then immediately starts up again. The only reference to this behaviour elsewhere refers to "swap" not being available or corrupted. Swapon/free/top all show "swap" correctly but not used. (I have 3…