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  • Quote from subzero79: “Try to format the partition using the webui or cli in Omv. ” Thank you I will try this. Sorry I'm so late.

  • Quote from SerErris: “Using the system disk as also disk for storage (shared etc) is not supported out of the box. There is a long thread regarding this topic with a brief explanation on the start. How to partition and use OMV system disk for user data But again, this is not supported out of the box and should be done only by advanced users. The better way is to run OMV from an USB Stick (please activate the plugin for USB sticks - openmediavault-flashmemory) and to use your disk as the data dis…

  • Hello Everyone, I am new to this so help me out here. I used GParted to partition the system drive so I could use the second partition for shared folders and things like that. And everytime I try to mount the partition I get this error on the GUI. Source Code (17 lines) Thanks for your help.