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  • Quote from macom: “ - shut the server down - install your drive - start the server - mount the drive in the GUI of OMV - create a shared folder in the GUI of OMV and select a folder on the drive as target - enable SMB/CIFS and add the just created shared folder as share - now you should be able to reach the folder from the network Please note that NTFS is not recommended for permanent use on a linux based NAS. Also have a look at the videos linked in my signature. ” Wow, Thanks for your quick re…

  • Quote from subzero79: “Quote from 9Dedos: “Do i have any option? ” Why would you loose information? OMV supports ntfs read/write, but it doesn't have an option for read only, that would have to be done manually ” Thanks for your answer! I mean that if I must format the disk when I mount it to be able to use it to share files, or OMV will immediately recognize it as well as its files to be able to share them through my local network?Im sorry, it´s my first time with a NAS and i dont know a lot ab…

  • Mount a disk without lose my information

    9Dedos - - General


    Hi, i'm looking for everywhere and i can't find nothing about if i can mount a disk with information (the disk format is NTFS) in OMV, but i cant lose the information. Do i have any option? thanks and help me please :c