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  • openmediavault-letsencrypt

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    Quote from cleimarcia: “Hello, unfortunately, I can not get the certificate. The following error message comes (look at #522) Port 80 and 443 in the router are open. My DynDNS only works over port 443 !!! What comes in the way? (Nginx?) Ps. I have changed my Dyndns Can someone help me? ” Hello, you have to check : **if your ddns is registered and known from the Internet (with a dnslookup, dig, etc...) **your omv-webgui security settings ("general settings). **delete self-signed cert + resetting …

  • Tested ans approved (by a semi-noob) Excellent tip about security, thanks for share.

  • Hello everybody, Error log disappears after : ** deleting all Time Machine shares, ext4 file system and lvm volumes ** update sardaukar to 0.5.52 ** recreate VG TM then 2 ext4 LV reserved to TM Backup ** recreate 2 TM dedicated shares then setup backup on each pc ** it works

  • Thanks for fast answer I've made changes like you suggest in my /etc/netatalk/AppleVolumes.default I've put ea:auto on my TM volume and ea:ad on the other If needed, I've forgot to mention that physical volume are 2 hdd raid1 / ext4 / lvm and all afp shares settings by default (only check "TM support") Source Code (2 lines) Then Source Code (1 line) and load TM manually on each pc, it results the same thing in syslog I've restart the server then re-try a backup job, same thing ... I've found a p…

  • Hello Everybody, First of all, thanks to all dev and community for the big and hardwork provide on OMV I'm running OMV 0.5.49_amd64 kernel 3.2.0-0.bpo.4-amd64 on a N54L microserver I choose to backup my wife's imac and my mac mini through network with Time Machhine option afp + Time Machine shares enabled work great but in syslog, I received this message at every backup connection : Source Code (1 line) Searching for info in…pleVolumes.default.5.html gives a way to…