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  • @tkaiser please see my question.

  • @tkaiser or somebody else? You forgot my question... Your knowledge can solve my brainpain. Or was this text also meant for me: "Anyway: as long as it's H5 with Gigabit Ethernet (controller in the SoC and always just combined with an external RTL8211E PHY) you only need to look at the amount of DRAM which more or less defines the price range starting with 15 bucks for the OPi Zero Plus with 512MB and ending with Orange Pi Prime (2GB) for twice as much."

  • Thank you, which harddisk do you recommend for me for data storage and for the backup? How do you clone your SD Card: From internet: Clone directly from drive to drive, use thiscommand: dd if=/dev/source of=/dev/target bs=1M Alternatively, if you have enough space on yourinternal drive, you could create an image first, making creation of multiplecopies easier: dd if=/dev/source of=/home/me/image.img bs=1M Then, use the image to create clones: dd if=/home/me/image.img of=/dev/target bs=1M Is this…

  • raid 1 is to difficult. O think I buy a 2.5 inch hdd, i don't which one provides good performance and is reliable. But which sbc board is a drama, you have so many. I want good data tranfer between my network at home. I also want to buy a second hdd to create backups of the disk what I am going to connect to the sbc. But which one to buy? Also which SD card to buy. And how to backup this

  • Dear Tkaiser or other members, Thank you for your response which setup do you recommend for me?

  • Hello OMV members, I also want OMV on a ARM board with the maximum read/wite speed for Kodi. I heard also about the Raspberry Pi 3 about slow SMB share speed. I want to use two disks, Raid 1. But I don't know if I must use WD Red Nas disks or 2,5 inch disks. This is interesting:…inch-HDD-SSD/122211050288 I am very a noob to make a simple case for this. Any ideas?

  • Dear members, A time ago I wanted to buy the Synology DS918+ but it is to pricey without HDD. So I want to build one. Requirements OS: - Light - Possible to put it on USB - RAID options - VPN - OpenVPN - Server to share media to the media player (without encoding) - Share files outside my NAS like Dropbox? - IP Camera option for 3 IP camera's - I have no a custom IP-Adress, I must use a DNS provider. I have the following laying around: - Case - RAM: 4GB Non-Error Checking - USB Drive: Toshiba U3…